Himacha Pradesh: Narkanda



Narkanda is situated at a height of 2708 meters. It is about 64 kilometers from Shimla and buses take about 3 hours to cover the distance. En route is Fagu, Kufri and Chail.

Narkanda's attraction is its Hatu Peak, which is about 8 kilometers from the bus stand. The view of the Himalayas is unparalleled from the pea. One can see the snow clad peaks of Trishul, Kamet, Nanda Devi, Nanda Ghunti and other peaks. The peaks assume a golden hue at sun rise and a orange hue at sun sets. The moonlit nights are also heavenly to view from here. Trees lie oak, walnut, pine, fir, Ceder abound. There are rhododendron flowers too. The days are filled with chirping of Himalayan birds.
It is also a popular trekking destination.

The place also has a Hatu (or Hattu) (durga) mandir.

Hattu is also a skiing destination. HPTDC organizes courses of 7 days and 15 days on skiing here. Visit HPTDC's website for more details.

Enthusiasts can visit Baggi at 2648 meters height, 18 kilometers from Hatu. Another 11 kilometers is Khadrala. There is a also a apple plantation 18 kilometers north of Hatu. 36 kilometers from Khatrala is Rohru, where the Pabar river flows. HPTDC has built a rest house at Rohru too. 13 kilometers from Rohru is Chirgaon, where trouts are cultivated. There is also a Durga temple with a austadhatu mettalic deity of Durga at Haktoti near Rohoru. The state border of Himachal with Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

The latest hill station of Himachal Pradesh, Shiladesh, can also be reached from Rohru, via Chargaon.
Shiladesh is situated at an astounding height of 9000 feet, and is dotted with fountains, streams, hilly tracks, coniferous trees, and the thousands of loose stones, that gives the place its name. One can also trek to Jasjiskon and Dodarakawar from Siladesh.
Stay at Shiladesh Palace, phone 09810806059/09899926680. You can also try our hotel booking links below.

How to Reach Narkanda:
Narkanda is a conducted tour from Shimla conducted by HPTDC. Refer to our Shimla page for more details. You can also hire a car to reach the place from Shimla.

Where to Stay: HPTDC's Hotel Hatu is most popular, check their website. You can also try Mahamaya Palace (phone 26415144/22259639). Check our Hotel booking links below for options and photographs and online bookings. You might get camping options too.

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