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A travel guide to Sangla, Raksham and Chittkul


Sangla, Himachal Pradesh, IndiaThe word Sang-la meas 'brightened pass'. One has to come back to Jeori from Sarahan, take NH 22 and reach Sangla, via Tapri, in about 3 hours in a bus. 10 kilometers from Tapri is KarSham. The road gets really tricky and dangerous from Karsham, and spans for 22 kilometers. It is managed by the defense, and is one way.

Sangla is also called land of the Gods, and is a long 95 kilometers of exquisite beauty. The Kinnaur Kailash mountains are on the north, and the Garhwal range is in the south. The sutlej reiver pierces through the valley. Sangla is actually a collection of a number of small villages, in the heart of the Baspa valey. Baspa valley and Sangla valley are terms that are used interchangeably. The scenery is picturesque to say the least with harmony of man and nature being evident. The green valley is dotted with plantations of peach, apple, nuts and other plants. Tibetan style dominates in the architecture of the residential huts. The hills are enveloped in coniferous trees like pine, fir, chir etc. Hindu and Buddhist temples dot the entire region, and are in perfect harmony.

The people are simple, God fearing, hospitable and always welcoming. Banks, post offices, hospitals are also there in Sangla and there are hydel power projects, trout fish research center nearby. But there is not much of transport available here, and you should be mentally and physically prepared to do most of the sight seeing on foot.

The season just after the rains (End August onwards) is one of the best times to visit the valley for the riot of green. The apples also start to mature on trees.

Kamru is the most sought after destination in Sangla. It is located at the top of Sangla, and the population is more compared to the rest of Sangla. The scenic beauty of Sangla is unparalleled from this point. There is a fortress too, which can be visited here.

Another must visit in this area is the 5 storeyed temple of Mata Kamakhya, built by the king of Rampur. Kamru got her name from this deity. There are temples of Badrinath, Annupurna and other Gods and Goddesses too. The twin peaks of Rupan and Sigan can be viewed clearly from here and is a treat to the eyes. The other beauty is the Kinnaur Kailash peak, abode of Lord Shiva.


The Banjara camp is 6.5 kilometers from Sangla, on the route to Chitkul. Hotel Banjara Camp is located on the banks of the Baspa river, and offers the best quality service in an unique ambiance. One can also opt for hotel Silver crown.

Another 7.5 kilometers from here is Raksham. Situated at a height of 3050 meters, it is a beautiful Kinnaur village with numerous small waterfalls, accompanied by the Baspa river. The apple orchards add to the beauty of the place. Nature lovers can consider spending a night here. Rupin river view, Amar Guest house and Ganga guest house are the options. Try the hotel booing links given below.


Chittkul is the last Indian village at the frontier, and is occupied by about 95 Indian households. The population is around 700. It is situated at a height of 3450 meters. The Tibetan border is right at the end of the village.Chittkul, himachal pradesh

Chitkul has its own beauty. The greenish blue Baspa river originates at Nila range, just beside Chitkul. One side of the range is Chitkul (India), while the other side is Tibet. The entire place is wrapped up in pure green. The beauty manifests itself in nights of full moon and two nights before and after it. Chitkul is picture perfect, and its beauty cannot be explained in words.

Other than nature, you can also check out the Kali Mata temple. Carry heavy woolens, as the place experiences low temperatures, coupled with strong winds.

You can stay at Panchavati resorts, Jajabar camp resort, hotel Shahanshah or FRH, PWD IB. Check our hotel booking links below. But is is advised that you do not stay at Chitul. Cover Chitkul from Rakcham, Sangla or Kalpa.

You can reach Chittkul from Karsham, Rakcham or Sangla, by Bus or by shared Jeeps. The road ends here.

How to reach: There is direct bus service from Shima with throughout time of 12 hours. It is also connected by bus to Kalpa, Sarahan, Mandi and Chitkul. Jeeps also ply in the bus route. You can also make a contract with a hired car from Shimla or Manali to tour the entire region.

Where to Stay: The PWD guest house, which can be booked from Karcham PWD office, is the best option. You can also choose for Sangla Valley, Hotel mount Kailash, Landrover or Sangla resorts. There are many options. Refer to our hotel search links below, to compare and book online.

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