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Jammu And Kashmir:

The bulk of tourism in Jammu is due to two reasons, the first being that it serves as the gateway to Kashmir, a necessary halt if you are traveling to Kashmir via road or rail, and second being that is also the gateway to the famous Vaishno Devi shrine.

Jammu however, has plenty to offer to tourists, but sadly, they are given a miss.
It is a land of forts and temples. The Tawai and the Chandrabhaga rivers flow around Jammu. Some of the tourist attractions of Jammu are:
Bahu fort: Built by Raja Bahulochon, it is situated on the bank of river Tawai, on a hill. There is a large population of monkeys in the area, and the place is dotted with numerous temples. King Akbar had also built a mosque at the entrance of the fort. At the foothills of the fort is a beautiful garden, which is decorated with lights in the evening.

On the opposite stands the Mubarak Mandi Palace, built by Maharaja Hari Singh. It intermingle three architectural styles of the European, Mughal and the Rajasthani style. The Palace offers bird’s eye view of the whole city of Jammu

In the northern fringes lies the Ramnagar fort, known for it wall paintings. Most of the fort, however, is in ruins.

The Dogra art museum is also a must visit, as it has a good collection of artifacts from a bygone era.

There is also the Amar Mahal Palace, which has also been turned into a museum.

The chief attraction of the city is the RaghunathJi mandir, which houses the stone idol of Ram, Sita and Laxman. The intricate wall carvings and the paintings are a sight to behold. It looks even more beautiful at the time of sunsets. Quite a few temples have come up in the vicinity too.

The Ram Bireshwar temple in old mandi is another attraction where there are a dozen of crystal Shiva Lingams. The temple has a thousand Shiva Lingams in total. Two kms off is Ranvir canal, rajendra park and Hari singh jenana park. Thus it is advised that Jammu should be considered to be visited by tourists too.

One can also visit the Basoli village about 132 kms away from Jammu. The village is famous for its basoli style of paintings, which is a conglomerate of Mughali and local styles. There are quite a few temples too, in this area.

You can also try out the Manas sarovar of J&K, called Mansar. Its around 80 kms away from jammu, and is covered in pine and deodar trees. The place is rich in scenic beauty. The temples of Shiva, Durga, Seshnag and Nrisinghadev, and the deer park add to the attraction.
If you travel another 16 kms, you can visit the Sanasar lake too.

There are plenty of hotels in Jammu ranging across all kinds of standards. However, in season and peak time, getting a hotel is difficult. It is better to book in advance. If you are not booking in advance, then the first thing you should reaching the place is to search for your hotel, and reach Jammu as early as possible in the morning.

Jammu is well connected from all the places by Road, Rail and Air.

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