Jharkhand: Giridih


Giridih, about 321 km from Kolkata, is a health resort. Barganda, about 2 km away from the rail station, is the main spot of Giridih which is very popular to the Bengali tourists. Enjoy the grandeur of the River Usri along with the surrounding environment from Sri Ramkrishna Mahila (ladies) Vidyalaya (school).

The natural exquisiteness of Khandoli pahar looks exceptionally beautiful. The Lake, at the foothills of the Khandoli pahar, is the main source of water supply for the city. Enjoy the pleasure of the delightful boat ride on the lake. The adjoining children park is a nice place for an afternoon walk. Golkuthi, built by Jogindra Nath Sarkar, is a spot you should not miss out. Santinibas is now an office of Mica Exporters Association. Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose used to come and stay in Santinibas. He also had taken his last breath in Santinibas.

The best time to visit Giridih is during the months of October to March. A number of factories are coming up here which is making the city a congested one. But still the beautiful nature and healthy weather attract a large number of tourists from India and abroad.

Usri falls, about 11 km from the town, on the tract hidden by the sultry forest, is one of the most famous picnic and jaunt spots in Giridih. The place is encircled by the dense forest of Parasnath Hills. The River Usri is coming down slowly and steadily with its three gentle streams though the slopes of Parasnath hill. But the River is wild in rainy season. Wilderness of the river is quite prominent at the downside of the view point. The whole area can be seen by hiring a tanga (Car with horse) in five hours.

Karmatar, about 24 km away from Usri falls, is now known as Vidyasagar. Sri Vidyasagar used to stay here in the last few days of his life because of the pleasant weather. You can recollect the memories of Vidyasagar by visiting the girls’ school at Nandankanan.

Paresnath pahar, situated at a distance of 38 km, and Topchanchi Lake, on the way to Paresnath pahar are the other fascinating places which deserve a visit.

How to reach: Direct trains like Howrah-Danapur express are going to Giridih from Kolkata. Giridih is connected by railways from Madhupur as well. A number of trains are running on this route frequently. A bus of Bihar government is also going to Giridih from Kolkata in 13 hours.

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