Jharkhand: Josidih


Even though Jasidih, about 323 km away from Kolkata, is regarded as a health resort but the attraction of Jasidih is lesser as compared to Simultala. Jasidi is slowly but surely becoming an industrial town. The chief and very interesting attraction of Jasidih is Sinha garden. The sinha garden houses as many as 750 species of roses.

Apart from the Sinha garden, the other coveted and imperative destinations of Jasidih are Ratan pahar, Nawab kutir, Barda kutir, Dabur factory, Ashram of Paglababa, hill view, Kali temple, and Digharia pahar.

Rohini fair, takes place on every Saturday and Tuesday, is a well known occasion in the proximity.

The forest of Jasidih used to be a den of the freedom fighters.

How to reach: Jasidih can be accessed from Kolkata by many trains. Purba express, Balia express, Amritsar express are the names of few of these trains. You can also take your own car to Jasidih.

Where to stay: There are not many hotels available in Jasidih. Hotel Yatri, Hotel Sivlok, Hotel Urmila, Hotel Siddhartha and Garden resort are some of the available options for tourists. Private homes can also be taken on hire for a night stay.
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