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Kiriburu jungle was known as a jungle of insects earlier and it is located in Saranda range. Kiriburu and Meghatuburu, the twin town, are situated at the top of the hill in Saranda. Bokoro steel plant, at Meghatuburu and Kiriburu iron Ore Company are producing iron ores in Kiriburu. These iron ores are supplied to the different projects all over the world.

Undulating hills of Kiriburu are covered by the dense and virgin forests. There is no doubt that the density of the forest has decreased due to the industrialization and urbanization but the scenic beauty around the place is eye catching. Plan a trip to Kiriburu to enjoy the pleasant and mild weather away from mundane and unexciting city life. The weather of the town can also be a spoil sport. The best way to enjoy the splendor of the forest along with the temperate weather is to feel the serenity of the woodlands sitting on the doorstep of your hotel. Kiriburu is also very rich in natural resources. The best time to visit the forest is during the months of March-October. Don’t forget to carry woolen clothes along with you.

The sight of the 700 mounts from the Kiriburu view point is magnificent. There is also a watch tower, located at a distance of 5 km from the town. The watch tower, situated at the top of the hill, offers a pleasant and panoramic view of Saranda. Stroll in and around the city and enjoy the environment around the nearby temple of Devi Kali.

The Tuesday market is very popular here. Dissimilar types of materials designed and made by the backward communities are the main attractions of the market. If you are there on a Tuesday then don’t forget to buy something from the market and take it with you.

Meghatuburu Bakoro Steel Plant Hostel, adjoining air-conditioned guest house, Grand Sarada Resort and Hew Hotel are the noted hotels in Kiriburi.

Nature lovers should also visit nearby places like Thalkobad, Sasangburu, and Kumdi. You can also see wild animals like elephants, wild dogs, Sambar, deer, bison, and leopard ambling around the forest territory in Kumdi and Thalkobad, at an elevation of 2000 feet. Barajamda is 50 km away from Thalkkobad and 30 km away from Kumdi.

Enjoy the stay at Thalkobad bungalow or Kumdi forest bungalow, situated in the natural backdrop. The adjoining view point offers you a nice vista of the surrounding places.

If you are searching for an adventure and ecstasy amidst the nature and its inhabitants then the Toyebu falls, situated at a distance of 5 km from the view point and Simlipal, about 40 km away from the view point are the woodlands for you. The beauty of the Koina and Koro Rivers on the valley will invite you with its arms wide open. There is also a barrage on the river.

Although numerous forest bungalows are in ruins now in Kiriburi range but Manaharpur forest bungalow and Saranda resort of wilderness camp are the places where you can stay overnight.

Avail Ispat express and get down at Manaharpur. Hire a jeep from Manaharpur to Saranda resort.

Saddel point and Guya pahar (hill) are also very interesting and attractive destinations. Quite often the wild animals come down to the terrain of Duck bungalow from Saranda forest, the lands of seven hundred hills. Different species of resident and wandering birds and lovely flowers make it a must visit forest. If you are lucky enough you can enjoy the spectacle of the huntuti flowers blooming in every eight years on the valley. Visit the ethnic village of the under developed Birharh community to watch their civilization and tradition. They are still ignorant about the modern society and culture. They are not only poles apart with their culture and customs, their foods and beverages also have no similarities with that of the other enlightened people.

Salai bungalow of Koina range, about 40 km away from Thalkobad, is a place where you can stay and enjoy the vista of Koro River which meets River Koyel on its way. You can also spot undomesticated animals like wild dogs, cruel leopards, and black beers strolling on the dale.

The Saranda forest has 700 hills in its territory and the forest is spreading over an area of 500 square km. Tribal like Ho are the major populace in this virgin forest of Shal, Piyal, Jarul and Amla.

It’s always prudent and advisable to visit places like Saranda, Chaibasa, and Barajamda at one go. You can hire jeeps from Baramjda. You need to take permission from DFO if you are planning to go into the core forest of Saranda.

Howrah-Barbil Jana satabdi express starts at 6:20 am from Howrah railway station, Kolkata and reaches Barbil at 12:55 pm. Barbil is the nearest railway station.

Saranda, at an altitude of 2950 feet, is a beautiful town, is hidden in the evergreen forest of Shal, and Mahua. Chiria mines, on the banks of the Koyel River, are situated in the middle of the natural shades. The reserved forests are the haunt of many animals. Wild elephants are common in Saranada forests. Herds of sambar, chital roaming around the forests, untamed Bison are the variety of wildlife found in Saranda. Even though Tigers are not present in large numbers but they are there. Leopards are more common habitants.

Tribal province Chaibasa, situated in Singhbhum district, has definitely got the blessings of the nature. Tiny tila, homes similar to cottages, winding narrow tracts, and tall shades of Shal plants offer the splendid sight of a picturesque and agreeable undulating town. Blends of tribal and Bengali cultures are prominent in the town. The water of the hill station has a medicinal power. The town is embellished with a number of natural ponds like Madhubandh, Ranibandh, Shivabandh, and Jubilee/Sahebbandh. Boro River with its gentle streams is an additional attraction of Chaibasa. The city has a Children’s park for tourists’ amusements and delectation. Take the pleasure and contentment of boating to refresh your mind.

You can avail any train which is going to Tatanagar or Rajkharsaoan or Chakradharpur from Sealdah or Howrah railway stations, Kolkata. Buses are going to Chaibasa from each of these railway stations.
Hotel Akash, Hotel Annapurna, Raghu Hotel, Janata lodge, and Rungta guest house are the noteworthy hotels in Chaibasa. Refer to our Hotel booking links below.

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