Jharkhand: Madhupur


Madhupur, or Madhupura, about 294 km away from Kolkata, is not only famous as a pilgrimage spot but it is also well known as a health resort. The place used to be surrounded by Shal, Simul and Mahua forest but now the forest is out of its shape due to the urbanization of the city. Even though the city has lost its charm due to the industrializations but the cool breeze around the city is still enjoyable.

Dalmia kup, and Kalipur are situated on the station road. Prabudham which conveys the message of peace between religion communities and Kapil math, a very old ashram, built in 1322 are two of the places of interests.

The square shaped Narayan idol of Dharma Mandir is the chief attraction of the temple. The Golden bungalow of Ashu Ghosh and River view of Ahmed both the important spots are situated in Bahanna Bigha. If you select Madhupur as a health resort then Sheikh pura is the sought after place for you.

Another imperative attraction of Madhupura is Gangaprasad Bhawan, the home of Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee. The ownership of the house now belongs to someone else.

Pathrole, on the way to Lalgarh, is a deul type temple. It is said that the deity of the temple has been brought from all the way to Kolkata.

Apart from pathrole there are a lot of temples situated in Madhupur. Shiva, Parbati, Sitala, Ram- Lakhan- sita are residing in their individual temples.          

Ardent and enthusiastic tourists can visit Bakulia falls, about 8 km from Madhupur, and Burai pahar, situated at a distance of 51 km from Madhupur. Bureshwari and Trishuleshwari are the deities of Burai pahar.

How to reach: You can avail direct trains to Madhupur from Kolkata. Buses are going to Madhupur from Deoghar quite regularly.

Where to stay: Rajbari rest house, Moon guest house, West view lodge, Temple guest house and Embassy House.
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