Jharkhand: Dumka and Maluti


The best way to reach Dumka is to go there from Deoghar (58 km). The quaint city, encircled by tall and spectacular hills all around, is located by the lines of solace and serene forest of Sal, Mahua and Palash. The place looks even more fascinating and engrossing in springs. The water of the city has medicinal power. Shiva pahar, located at a distance of one and half km from Dumka bus stand, has a Shiva temple at the end way. The adjoining temples have Hindu deities like Kali, Hanuman, and Nag Devi.

Maluti, previously known as Mallahati, about 16 km away from Dumka, is a place famous for Tantric worshippers. Out of the 108 temples, you can see the ruins of 72 temples of various Hindu deities in the middle of tall Shal, and Mahua forest. The brilliance and glory of the temples are clearly visible on the temple aesthetics. Terracotta architectural depictions on the mythological stories of the temple are really agreeable. Even though the temples of Mallahati are really awesome with their vivid and intellectual architectures but the imperative attraction of the place is the festival of Shyama puja (worship of Kali Devi). The beauty of the city during the time of Shyama puja is truly unique and exceptional. Moulakhi Kali, Rajrajeshwari Kali, and dangerous Swasan Kali are the forms of Kali deity which are worshipped in Mallahati. The sacred and holy atmosphere of Mallahati attracts a large number of followers from far away places. It is now a place of archeological importance, due to recent excavations of ancient temples. Refer to www.maluti.org

The only place where you can stay overnight at Mallahati is Govt Guest House. It is better to stay at Rampurhut of West Bengal.

Karua, the ethnic village of tribal, situated at a distance of 5 km from Dumka, is popularly known for its Botanical Garden. It was due to the hard labor and toughness of the villagers, the literacy rate has increased in the village. The village is located at a height of 700 feet. The small Karua village looks really beautiful with its surrounding walls around the hills. The township has a field dedicated to the Medicinal plants and cactus.

Don’t miss out the splendid vista of the sunrise and sunset from the view point, situated at the west side of Dumka.

The village Karua has a lot to offer to spiritual and religious people. Durga, Kali, Parbati, and Mahadeb (Shiva) temples, situated at the back side of the hills, are fairly common in Dumka on the slopes of the natural elevations.

You can definitely arrange a picnic in Karua but permission of cooking is not given. But you can always get your foods and beverages from the adjoining Mandir-Ashram.

How to reach: A bus of jharkhand Government is going to Dumka directly from Dharmata bus stand, Kolkata in 8 hours. If you prefer trains then it is always advisable to go to Rampurhat from Sealdah or Howrah railway station, Kolkata. A number of buses are frequently going to Dumka from Rampurhat bus stand. Dumka is also connected from many other cities of Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal by bus.

Where to stay: Hotel Suman, Hotel Sangam, Hotel Raj, Hotel Kanak, Hotel Suvidha and PWD bungalow.
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