Jharkhand: McCluskieganj


Maklaskigunj, the dreamland of Mr. E T McCluskie, built on 10000 hectors lands taken on lease, resembles the English (England) architectural elegance. Covered by the thick forest of tall Shal, and Mahua, Maklaskigunj is a well planned city with its narrow red tracts and dotted cottages.

McCluskieganj is a nice city for nature and forest lovers who want to spend some time with their family and friends away from the humdrum urban life. Although the place is known as McLuskie’s nose to the Anglo Indian community but it is known as Maklaskigunj to the rest of the state.

The uneven surface along with the flourishing flowers all around the landscapes are the specialty of Maklaskigunj. It is a destination which can be visited in all seasons. You can enjoy the cool breeze even in the month of April. Don’t miss out the vista of the sunset at the backend of Nakta hill. Enjoy the singing of unknown birds sitting quietly amidst nature. The clouds and the rippling narrow River Chatti truly create a magical milieu. The firm, built by German families, small but beautiful Kankar church and Jagriti Vihar, the handcraft association of the backward communities are the other imperative and coveted attractions of Malkaskigunj.

How to reach: Only one train is available McCluskieganj from Kolkata. The only train that goes directly to Maklaskigunj is the Sakhtipunj express which leaves at 14:30 from Howrah railway station (Kolkata) and reaches McCluskieganj at 23:52 on the next day. There is another train from Asansol called Asansol- McCluskieganj passenger.

Where to stay: Highland guest house, Green Mountain Holiday Resort, Roshni Lodge and Ushanjali guest house are the noteworthy hotels in Maklaskigunj. Refer to our Hotel Booking Links below for bookings in McCluskieganj
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