Jharkhand: Netarhat


Netarhat, also called “the queen of Chotanagpur”, is covered with thick forest. The highland, situated at an elevation of 1250 meters, is covered with opaque woodland of Shal, Mahua, Palash, pine and eucalyptus. The thrilling destination has uneven hills and virgin woods around. Due to the mysterious nature of the forest, Netarhat is well known as naturehat also. Previously bamboo trees were the denizens of the forest (The meaning of “Neta” is Bamboo).

The city is sparsely populated. So, the city is still maintaining its charm and originality. This city can be a destination for a short week end trip away from raucous and dull city life.

Magnolia point, about 10 km away from the city, gives you a panoramic view of the sunrise and sunset. You can also enjoy the pleasing and satisfying sight of sunrise and sunset from the public school, about 2 km away from the city. The chief attraction of the city is watching the vista of sunrise and sunset.

Koyel view point, about 2 km away from the city, on the way to Magnolia, is a finicky place to watch the wave of the River Koyel. The river is lively because of the Sukha falls. The meaning of Sukha is parrot in local language. The surrounding places are full of parrots.

Netarhat is beautiful with its natural environs in all the seasons. The city has an uncanny ability to change its beauty according to the seasons. The Lake of Netarhat is an additional attraction of the city. Enthusiasts should see the cave temple of Anjali Devi, situated in Anjan village, the birth place of Lord Hanuman.

Even though the city has no dearth of natural beauty but the lack of initiative by the state Government is a setback.

Hire a jeep and visit Apar Ghagri, (about 6 km away from the city), Lower Ghagri, (situated at a distance of 3 km from the city), the snake-like Sidhni falls, (about 35 km away from the city), and Lodh falls, (about 61 km away from the city, coming down from 468 feet).

Stay overnight at Mahuadar and enjoy the scenic beauty around Lodh, the highest barrage of jharkhand, Sidhni barrage and Suga barrage.

How to reach: The best possible option to go to Netarhat is to avail a bus (Government) from the bus stop adjacent to Ranchi railway station. Netarhat is 155 km away from Ranchi. It takes 5 hours to reach you Netarhat from Ranchi. You can also take a bus from Ratu Road, Ranchi to Netarhat.

Where to stay: Tourist rest house, Palamou Dak Bngalow, Revenue bungalow, Netarhat rest house and Lake View hotel are some of the notable hotels in Netarhat.

Oxi forest bungalow, about 12 km away from Mahuadar, is a nice place for a night stay in beautiful environment.
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