Jharkhand: Pareshnath Pahar


Paresnath pahar or paresnath hills, about 306 km away from Kolkata, located at an elevation of 1366 meters, are a range of hills located in Giridih district. It looks like a crown on Madhuban. It is one of the most important pilgrimage centres for the Jains. The paresnath pahar is well known in the vicinity as Sammet Sikhar. One of the chief attractions of Paresnath is the temple of Parshanth swami. The footprints on the rock are worshipped by the devotees as their deity. Apart from the main and most important temple, there are 24 other temples in an area of 300 acres. In each and every temple some footprints are visible and according to the Jain community, all the footprints are of Jain saints or Tirthankar. The famous water temple houses a lot of deities of Jains. At the entrance of Paresnath pahar there is another temple of Goutam Swamy.

Ardent followers should amble around the place and watch all the important spots and temples of Pareshnath Pahar. Another road from Paresnath is coming down to Sita Nala which is known as a pilgrimage spot where Ramchandra rested at the time of his exile. The importance and exquisiteness of Paresnath are immense to both the pilgrims and holidaymakers.

How to reach: A Lot of express trains are going to Paresnath railway station from Kolkata. Buses from different parts of Jharkhand are also going to Paresnath pahar.

Where to stay: Hotel Bhuvan, and More than 12 Dharamsalas.



                                     Temples at Pareshnath Hill                                      Pareshnath Hill

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