Jharkhand: Simultala


Simultala, a hamlet in Jharkhand, situated at a distance of 343 km from Kolkata, is famous as a health resort. Temperate climate of the town always invites tourists. But the beautiful place is under developed. The present political turmoil also is a curse on the tourism business.

The house of Lord S. P Singha, at the left hand side of the station road and the House of Commons, at the right hand side of the station road are two of the prime attractions of Simultala. Hills all around the hill station are acting as boundaries. The calm and quiet hamlet can be a sought after destination for its pleasant weather.

Take a walk on the valley all the way through the uneven tract concealed by the sultry forest of Shal and Mahua and enjoy the singing of different unfamiliar birds on your way. The rail station of Simultala is situated in a beautiful natural environs and it is also treated a mall of the hamlet.

Savor the taste of the sweetmeat called “Langcha” from the shop of Gupta. The taste of this Bengali delicacy is wonderful.

Lattupahar, about one and half km away from the Simultala railway station, at an elevation of 1000 feet, is the most imperative attraction of Simultala. The spectacle of sunset from Lattupahar is breathtaking. The shooting of the Satyajit Roy’s movie called “Surja Doba” (Sunset) was done here in Lattupahar.

Patna lodge (looks like a fort), Palace of Naldanga, and lawn tennis court are the other coveted attractions of Simultala.

Enjoy the scenic beauty around while visiting Haldi Falls, about 6 km away from the rail line. It is believed that the water of the falls have a curative power. The wilderness of the Leelabaran falls, situated at a distance of 2 km from the railway station, is worth seeing. The Siketia Ashram definitely deserves a visit. Another very popular falls here in Simultala is Dhirhara falls, situated in Bhoyenrogunj. The falls is 2 km away from Telba River and Telba River is 17 km away from Siketia Ashram.

It’s always wise to complete the trip on the same day. The roads and surrounding places are not safe and secured for tourists.

How to reach:  A lot of trains are directly going to Simultala both from Sealdah and Howrah railway stations, Kolkata. To enjoy the mild weather of the beautiful hilly streets along with the surrounding natural splendor of Saontal village and Dumka hill, it’s always sensible take your own car for the trip to Simultala.

Where to stay: Hotel Dehali, Samaritan Lodge, Hotel Garden, Simultala Lodge, Dak bungalow of district board and Dharamsala.
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