Karnataka: Brindavan Garden


Brindavan Garden:
40 meters tall and 3 km long Krishnaraj Sagar Dam, lies at a distance of 22 km off Mysore, was constructed during 1911- 1931 on the Kaveri River. This dam was built to supply water to the Shimsha Water Power Plant of Shivasamudram. The most interesting part is that the entire dam was only constructed with stones. Cement was not used during the construction. M Vishweshwariah was the designer of the project. The reservoir, formed due to the installation of the dam is covering a rambling area of 130 square km and is supplying water to the neighboring farmlands.

Tourists enjoy their time together in the vicinity. The fun and excitement increases while boating on the fine-looking reservoir. Watching the joyful sights around is an enticing experience for the hordes of tourists and nature lovers. Picnic and outing lovers love this heavenly magnificence.

One of the prime attractions of Mysore, the Brindavan Garden, is located on the multiple slopes at the lower acclivity of the dam. Innumerable tourists throng to the garden regularly due to its romantic atmosphere. A large number of indigenous birds enjoy the environment and fly around. The garden looks even more astounding for the dotted flowers and fountain. The wreaths of glowing lights adorn the garden at night. The light and sound shows are organized regularly by Phillipos Company once every half an hour in the evening. The first show starts at 6:30 pm. The colors of the fountain change often. This is the best place for the little kids in the garden. The Dancing Musical Fountain, located at a distance of 1 ¼ km from the main entrance, can be accessed by crossing a pretty-looking viaduct.
Before witnessing the splendor of the dancing water fountain, wait for sometime on the banks of the Lake quietly to watch the vista of the nature during the sunset.

The idol of Radha Krishna, built right at the main entrance of the Brindavan Garden, is a stupendous allurement of the garden.

How to reach: Brindavan Garden and Krishnaraj Sagar dam can be accessed by bus from Mysore. Willing group of holiday makers can hire a private vehicle from Mysore to the dam as well.  Plenty of conducted tours are available to the Brindavan garden from Bangalore.

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Biligirirangan: The evergreen forest of Biligiri, covering a straggling area of 324 square km of land, about 90 km away from Mysore, is located at an elevation of 4000 feet and had got its name as the Biligirirangan Rangaswamy Temple Sanctuary in 1974. This is the magical homeland of tigers, elephants, leopards and shambars. Innumerable species of birds wander around the woodland.

How to reach: The nearest railway station of Biligirirangan is Chamarajanagar which is just 28 km away from Biligirirangan. Chamarajanagar is well connected to Mysore by bus. Jeeps and other vehicles are available to Biligirirangan from Mysore and Chamarajanagar.

Where to stay: Tourists who visit this place and are availing packaged tours can stay at B R Hills Wildlife Adventure Resort. Besides this, tourists can also stay at Wood House, Log Hut and Forest Rest House.
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