Karnataka: Harihar


The ancient city of Harihar, on NH-4, located on the southern banks of Tungabhadra River, was restructured and reconstructed in 1268 by Som who had also built the well known holy temple of Somnathpur in 1223. The 1.3 meters tall idol of the deity, Harihareshwara, was also newly created. The sacred idol was created by blending the faces of both Shiva and Vishnu.
The name of the place, Harihar is derived from the name of the deity, Harihareshwara, as well. A valuable scripture was also found in the temple.

The streams of the two tributaries of Tungabhadra River are moving with their varying speeds at the downside of the temple. Interested people can listen to the mythological tales which are attached with these Rivers from the local people.

Chitradurga: Famous for the 976 meters tall Chitra fort, the place Chitradurga, about 92 km from Harihar, is located at a distance of 13 km from the junction of NH-4 and NH- 13.
The renowned Fort of Seven Rounds, built by the Nayak kings way back in 17th century, is popularly known as Kallina Kote as well.

An 1175 meters tall striking mountain of granite stones, amidst the stunning cosmos, is located at the southern side of the fort. The king Hyder Ali fought hard to win the fort against the Nayak dynasty in 1779. The king Hyder Ali had reconstructed the fort with stones to increase its safety and security. Previously, the fort was built with solid soil. Later on, Tipu Sultan had also taken a lot of steps to improve the security of the fort. Palace, Mosque and granary were also constructed by the intrepid king Tipu Sultan. 23 doors mark its entrance, out of which, 4 entrances are secret. Near about 12 temples and 1 cave temple are there on the premise of the fort.

About 2 km towards the west side of the Chitra fort, Chandravalli valley, is an archeological site where from Roman coins which are more than 2000 years old, are excavated.

How to reach: Harihar is well connected by the railways to Bangalore, Arsikere and Hubli. Hubli is 129 km away from Harihar. Harihar can be accessed from Bangalore and Hubli by bus as well.

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