Karnataka: Jog Waterfalls and Gudavi Bird Sanctuary


The Jog waterfall, atop the Western Ghat (Paschim Ghat) Hill, located at an elevation of 1500 feet, on the Sarabati River, is nestled in a peaceful and serene environment. The astonishing natural setting of the places around would certainly engross nature lovers. The four contiguous water streams of the River Sarabati hit the undulating land as Jog waterfall from a height of 292 meters. This is the tallest waterfall of India.

Four streams of the waterfall are popularly known with four different names. The sight of the water stream of “Raja” is mesmerizing. “Raja” comes down half way from the hilltop and congregates with “Royar”, another water stream, on its way. The feral water stream, namely “Rocket” and the untamed stream, called “White Lady” are hitting the undulating land and are breaking the stillness and tranquility of the stunning gorge. The imposing and inspiring natural backdrop around the Jog waterfall looks marvelous.

Apart from the four streams of the waterfall, two other streams are also coming down from the towering mountain. The façade of the streams of the waterfall look really magical, especially, in the rainy season. The streams of the waterfall reflect the rays of the sun. The colorful grandeur of the waterfall pulls huge crowds from the plains to the hillock.
The undomesticated water streams of the Jog have lost their charm and appeal somewhat due to the installation of dam on the course of the Sarabati River. The force of the energetic streams increases when a good amount of water is released on the second Sunday of every month. The best time to hit the destination is during November- January to gaze at the waterfall from a different perspective.

A renowned Water Power Plant was built on Sarabati River. Grant permission from Karnataka Power Corporation to visit Shravathy Valley Project. This is the first and largest power project of entire South- East Asia. Interested tourists can hire a car to Lingamakhi Dam, Reservoir and Power House which are located at a distance of 13 km from the Sharavathy Valley Project. Situated at a distance of 1 km from Lingamakhi Dam, the Mahatma Gandhi Water Power Plant can also be accessed quite easily. The Sarabati Power Plant, about 10 km from Jog falls, can be reached by riding on a Van rickshaw from the valley.

Bhatkal, is a nearby port city and is also popular as a historical city. One of the foremost places in the territories of Vijayanagar dynasty, the Bhatkal, houses a number of holy temple and Jain commemoratives.
Famous for its religion background, the holy town Murudeshwar, about 16 km away from Bhatkal, is also popularly known to the hordes of tourists for the Pigeon Island.

Engrossed and fascinated tourists can stay in Murudeshwar at RNS Yatrinivas and Naveen Beach Resort.

Gudavi Bird Sanctuary:  Situated towards the northern tip of Jog Waterfall, on NH-4, Gudavi Bird Sanctuary, covering 74 hectors of rambling marsh land, attracts plenty of nomadic and vibrant birds from faraway places every year. The bird sanctuary was built in 1985 around the marshland.
Tourists who love to watch the intriguing façade of nature should visit Gudavi Bird Sanctuary by bus from Talaguppa. Hire a car from Talaguppa or Siddapur to Gudavi Bird Sanctuary for a comfortable and hassle free journey.

How to reach: The nearest railway station of Jog Waterfall is Talaguppa, about 16 km towards the east of Jog Waterfall. Railway network connects the city of Shimoga to Talaguppa. It takes approximately 3 ½ hours to reach Talaguppa from Shimoga. A number of trains regularly travel to Shimoga, located on the track of Bangalore- Hubli, from Biru.

The place is also well connected to Sagara, Talaguppa, Panaji, Mysore, Shimoga, Bhadrabati, Bhatkal, Mangalore and many more South Indian cities by bus.

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