Karnataka: Sringeri


Sringeri, about 56 km from Bhadra, is a historical city which is famous for the Matha or ashram which was constructed long back in 7th century by the saint, Shankaracharya. There are four holy Mathas located in India. One of them is located in Sringeri, on the astonishing River banks of Tunga. Remaining three Maths are situated in Joshimath, Puri and Dwarka.

The Tunga River marks its way through the divine land of Sringeri and meets with Bhadra River on its way. The River Tungabhadra starts its journey after the streams of both the Rivers Tunga and Bhadra meet together.
The sanctified Math houses the hallowed deity, Saraswati (Sarada).

The Vidyashankara temple, built by the kings of Vijayanagar way back in 14th century, showcases 12 adjoining pillars. The planning and thinking behind the construction of this temple and its pillars are worthy of mention. The interesting and beguiling architectures of the temple and its pillars confirm the fact that direct sun light would fall on these pillars and the shimmering pillars would reflect the light to brighten up the neighboring premise.
The Chenna Keshava temple in the vicinity was incomplete even after putting in a lot of effort for 80 long years. But, still the excellent and absorbing fine arts on the walls of the temple would enthrall and engross all the holiday makers and temple lovers. The architectures on the outer surfaces of the temple are astounding as well.
Agumbe, lies 56 km off Srimgeri, on the Mangalore- Shimoga Ghat road, located at a height of 826 meters, is a destination for the nature lovers who love to watch the brightness of the contiguous cosmos against a riveting sunset.
PWD IB and a number of privately owned hotels are there in Agumbe for the tourists.

The Jog waterfall, an awe-inspiring creation of the nature, can be accessed from Mangalore (114 km) or Sagara/Shimoga (97 Km). Avail a bus from Sringeri to Mangalore or Shimoga.

Shimoga, another important tourists’ destination, is located at a distance of 16 km from Bhadrabati. While going to Shimoga, get down at Keladi to watch the historical sites like the fort of Nayak dynasty, the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Government museum.

Bhadrabati, also known as Birmingham of Karanataka, is one of the most important industrial cities of Karnataka. Iron ore, Steel plant, Paper mills, Cement factory and many more industries have been built in the close proximity of Bhadrabati. The city of Bhadrabari is spread along the prolonged banks of Bhadra River.

How to reach: Bhadrabati is well connected to many cities of Karataka such as Birur, Talaguppa, Tarikere, Chikmagalur, Hassan and Shimoga by bus. Sagara, Birur, Shimoga and Bangalore are linked with Bhadrabati by railway networks. The railway station of Birur and Shimoga can be accessed by railways from various corners of the country. Tourists who want to visit Bhadrabati by train should come directly to Birur and then should avail a bus to Bhadrabati in case of unavailability of direct trains.

How to reach Sringeri: Sringeri is well connected to Bhadra, Tarikere, Chikmagalur, Hassan, Shimoga, Birur, Agumbe, Mangalore, Bangalore and Mysore by bus. Travelers, who prefer trains, should avail a train from Bangalore and Pune to Birur Junction. Then take a bus to Sringeri from Birur.

Where to stay: Travelers’ Bungalow, Ordinary hotels and Guest house of the Matha.

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