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The magnificent Kerala, a place of great beauty and unique culture, located at the south-west coastal corridor of India, is popularly known as the God’s nest or the God’s own country. According to the statistics of National Geographic Channel, Kerala is one of the 50 fabulous destinations, which offers an unmatched lifetime experience for a tourist. Kerala is the first where as the Taj Mahal is the second striking tourist destination in India according to the channel. The state is renowned as a pollution free state of India.
Travel guide on Kerala
The state of Kerala takes the front seat in India if the education is concerned and it deserves the respect as well. 90.92% people who are living in Kerala are educated. This is the only state in the entire nation where the number of women is more than the number of men. Most probably the main reason behind this is that, most of the men of Kerala stay outside of their state for earning money. Plenty of citizens of Kerala stay in the Gulf counties. Malayalam is the most popular language here. Kerala is the 21st ranked state of India according to the volume where as it is the 12th most populated state of India. The length of the state is 550 km and width is 120 km.

The splendor of the natural backdrop of the state, Kerala, is the prime enticement for the holiday makers. Gripping greeneries, blue waves of lingering Arabian Sea and towering Paschimghat hills range make this state very special. The height of the paschimghat hills, spread across the eastern side of Kerala, varies from 500 to 2700 meters. The green grove of Periyar, soaring mountains, mesmerizing sea beach of Kovalam and prolonged backwater of Kerala are the famous attractions which are widely known to the tourists. Holiday makers can float themselves on a yacht through the rippling water stream of the backwater. Hire a houseboat to stay overnight in the middle of the backwater. It’s an amazing experience in the darkness of night. A number of tourists visit Kerala for Ayurvedic treatment as well.

Plenty of nature lovers flock to Kerala for its salubrious climate and herbal vegetations. Visitors assemble at various captivating beaches and hotel premises to cure their diseases by taking different medicines.

The Silent Valley National Park, on the lap of the fascinating nature of Western Ghats, located at a distance of 46 km towards the east of Mannar ghat, looks very attractive to the nature lovers for its excellent natural locale. It is lesser expensive state as compared to any other states of India.
A number of ponds and lakes were excavated to supply water to adjoining farmlands. Streams of 44 rivers and their tributaries mark their ways across the valleys of Kerala. Various parts of the God’s own country can be accessed through the water streams which are spread across 900 km.

Kerala is named as the Venice of eastern part of the world. The colorful nature of Kerala attracts plenty of tourists. History and origin of Kerala are dated back to the ancient centuries as well. The benevolent and compassionate sun plays hide and seek with the soaring green trees and holiday makers can enjoy this vista in Kerala at most of the times of the year. Swaying coconut trees welcome tourists. The meaning of Malayalam is coconut. 

Many opine that a number of earthquakes and natural calamities were the reasons which for the God’s own country was created. However, plethora of small territories had combined together and formed the state which is presently known as Kerala. A lot of new islands are still coming up in some parts of the Arabian Sea. People are making their homes on the newly formed portions of Kerala. Mangrove forests are also seen on those newly formed islands.

It is said that Christopher Columbus had discovered America when he came out of his home in quest of Kerala. 60% of inhabitants of Kerala are Hindu where as 20% are Muslim and 20% are Christians. Not many industries have yet come up due to the lack of infrastructures of Kerala but the state of Kerala is very rich in natural resources and minerals. However, the state has made its mark in agriculture, health and education. A lot of religious people of Kerala believe still in communism. Temples, mosques and churches are dotted in and around the state. Festivals are almost like daily routines of Kerala. Special cultural and traditional touches of Kerala are prominently visible on the various forms of music and dance forms. Innumerable tribes showcase their impressive talents to the audience by their own dance forms like Theyyam and Kalaripayattu. Another traditional dance form called, Kathakali, depicts several stories of Hindu epics, like the Mahabharata and Ramayana. Women folks use to display time-honored dance forms like Mohiniattam and Tuttal. The whole world recognizes the talents of the artists who perform the mask dance, Kutiyattam. Artists adorn themselves with 9 meters tall masks to perform this mesmerizing dance form. The cultures and mores of Kerala have huge impact on the songs and customs of Karnataka.

Tourists should also savor the taste of the delicious food items of Kerala. The chief food of the habitants of Kerala is rice. Most of the hotels of Kerala serve beefs and sea fishes. The taste of Thoran, the fish fry with coconut (also known as avail when used sauce along with it) is wonderful. If you are looking for food in reasonable price then you can ask for South Indian Thali (vegetarian) in any hotel of Kerala. Different dishes with fruits like jackfruits, pineapples, apples and bananas are quite popular. Dwellers of Kerala like to welcome their guests with tasty dishes which are prepared with bananas. But, lot of tourists come back to their homes with innumerable bitter experiences from Kerala due to its social and political disturbances. It is better to book in advance and then go for your tour.

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