Kerala: Aluva and Kalady


Aluva, previously known as Alwaye, on the Kochi-Shoranur way, is one of the very famous business hubs of Kerala. The city of Aluva has gained its reputation and popularity due to its well spread out tire, fertilizer, glass, aluminum and chemical industries.

The museum of Aluva displays the effervescent cultures of Kerala. City dwellers are quite aware of the fact that they would experience a destructive flood every year in monsoon. In order to fight against the natural calamities, inhabitants prepare themselves well.

Spiritual people can witness the divinity of the Shiva idol, placed on the banks of the adjoining river. The Shiva ratri celebration that takes place on the holy land of Aluva is a well known event of South India. Many flock to the city just to be a part of the festive spirit.

Now, the tourist bungalow is built in the rooms of the Aluva palace.

The prime and foremost enticement of the entire territory is Kalady, about 10 km away from Aluva. Kalady is the birthplace of the great psychologist of 8th century, Sri Sankaracharya. The mausoleum of the mother of the psychologist, Sri Sankaracharya, is situated in the close propinquity. To recall the old memories, the idols of Dakshinamuthy and Devi Sarada were built in Kalady.

46 meters tall and 9 storied octagonal Kirtistastambha is another allurement of Kalady. The colorful stories of Sankaracharya’s working life are portrayed artistically on the walls of the Kirtistastambha. Various little incidents of his life are also printed on the silver shoes and wall paintings. Holy Sri Ramkrishna Advaita Ashrama, built recently in 1976 and Sri Krishna temple are also there. Muslim tourists would be really happy watching the impressive Cheraman Juma Masjid. Poorna River, one of the tributaries of the Periyar River, has marked its way with its rippling stream in the vicinity.
Malayattoor, located at a distance of 45 km from Kochi, is another attractive and adjoining tourists’ destination. The city looks majestic as the course of the Periyar River cuts its valley across. The calmness and quietness of the diminutive city pull huge crowds for its astonishing natural surrounds and Kurisumudi hill. Kurisumudi means the Mountain of the Cross. The woodland of Kurisumudi hill was a dream hunting land for innumerable hunters earlier.

According to the belief of the local people, a golden cross and a celestial man can be seen at the peak of the hill once in a while. The footstep of the descendent of Christ child, St Thomas (52 AD) has been found on the Kurisumudi hill. Your tour of Kurisumudi would be incomplete if you don’t get into the St Thomas Paris Church, built in 900.

How to reach: The Angamany, about 10 from Kalady, is the nearest railway station of Kalady whereas Kochi, located at a distance of 48 km from Kalady, is the nearest airport. Kalady is well connected to Aluva, Angamany and Kochi by bus.

Where to stay: Shri Sankaracharya New Guest House and Shri Ramkrishna Mission Guest House in Kalady. Hotel Periyar, Seven Stars, Hotel Riviera, Alankar Tourist Home, Government Guest House, and PWD Rest House in Aluva.

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