Kerala: Kannur or Cannanore


Kannur, previously famous as Cannanore, was a port city and was the capital of the kings of Kolathiri. The king had constructed a palace in Chirakkal, about 6 km from the city. This palace is now one of the most interesting and enticing attracts of Kannur. The old Muslim architectures are also visible in few existing edifices of Kannur. Moplah Muslim communities are the chief residents of Kannur.

Besides the influential Muslim leaders, plenty of Portuguese merchants had decorated the city many years ago. St Angels fort was built long back in 1505 and was one of the foremost creations of Portuguese merchants.
The Sea beach of Kannur is another enticement of the city. However, the pleasant weather of the city pulls huge crowds as well. Cool breeze moves forward into the city from the water surface of the Sea. This is the reason why the city dwellers and tourists enjoy a lovely and agreeable weather all the way through the year.

It is said that the city has arranged foods and homes for plenty of Circus artists over the years.

Muzhappilangad Beach, about 15 km and 8 km from Kannur and Thalasseri respectively, is a swimmer’s paradise which is shielded and protected with tall black rocks. The neat and clean beach of Muzhappilangad is renowned to the tourists as the only drive-in beach of the God’s own country. Drive along the long-drawn-out beach of 4 km. Blue transparent waves of the Sea hit the wheels of your car often.

The state of Kerala is accessed by the hordes of holiday makers for its awe-inspiring beaches. The Payyambalam Beach is another one of the fascinating tourists’ destinations of Kerala and is an astounding beach where you along with your kids can take a walk in the evenings. The pleasing vista around can be enjoyed irrespective of seasons. This is the holy place where famous individuals like Swadeshbhimani Ramkrishna Pilla, A.K Gopalan, K.P Gopalan, Pamban Madhavan and K.G Marar had taken their last breaths.

Many of us are more interested in historical places as compared to the sights of the beaches and divine temples. The historical destination, Ezhimala, was an ancient capital of Mooshika emperors. The clusters of hills, secluded midst of overwhelming and breathtaking natural surrounds, Ezhimala, an astounding promontory, is located at a distance of 38 km towards the northern side of the city of Kannur.

One of the well spread-out battle fields of the Chola-Chera war of the II th century, Ezhimala, was a famous and flourishing port city which was a prime trade centre of Kerala as well. It is also popular in the vicinity as a sanctified pilgrimage for the Buddhist as Lord Buddha appeared on this holy land.

An old mosque that recalls the primeval memories of Shaikh Abdul Latif, a well known reformist, is located in Ezhimala.

Besides its historical and religious prominence, the place is also prominent in the map of Kerala as a noted destination for the rare and atypical curative medicinal herbs. Delimited by the beautiful Sea in three of its sides, the place is considered as a significant and noteworthy destination due to the presence of the Naval Academy of India.

The cultural prominence of Kerala has also pulled huge crowds from far and wide for many years. One of the momentous destinations of Kerala, Malayalakalagramam, about 29 km away from Kannur, has left a mark on the human minds for its excellent arts and cultures. The New Mahe, a famous centre of arts and culture of Malayalakalagramam, conducts courses on painting, sculptures, music, dance and pottery.

However, the city of Kannur will not definitely let you down if you are an earnest nature lover. If you visit the places around the Pazhassi Dam, located at a distance of 37 km from Kannur, then you can easily lift your spirit high. DTDC would organize a charming and joyful boat ride for the engrossed crowds on the water surface of the artificial reservoir. Tourists who fall in love with the nature around the dam should not think twice before booking a room for them at the adjoining Project Inspection Bungalow and its dormitories.

Nature lovers who have some more time in hand should visit Pythal Mala, about 65 km from Kannur town, situated at an altitude of 4500 feet above sea level. Pythal Mala is rich in flora and fauna. The place, set in the shadowy and dark shades of trees, at the border of Kerala and Karnataka, offers a pleasing sight to all the tourists and holiday makers. Trekkers trek to the top of the hill which is situated at a distance of 6 km from Pythal Mala. The vista of the marvelous cosmos around is an additional enticement for the trekkers.

Before leaving for your next destination, interested tourists can visit Gundert Bungalow, located at a distance of 20 km from Kannur. The historical value of this place attracts many city dwellers as well. The venerated and respected German Missionary and the scholar, Herman Gundert, used to live in this bungalow way back in 1839. It is the place where from the first Malayalam dictionary and the first Malayalam newspaper Rajyasamacharam were published.

A place like Kerala, where a number of fascinating beaches are dotted around various corners of the state, would definitely have a well known natural fishing harbor. Situated adjacent to the fort St. Angelos, Moppila Bay, is one of the natural harbors of Kerala. A Sea wall from the fort separates the violent Sea and inland water. The position of the Bay was prominent and popular earlier when it had a commercial value. It used to act as a link between Kolathathunadu, Lakshadweep and foreign countries. It was an important harbor previously as far as trades were concerned. Nevertheless, Moppila Bay, developed under the Indo- Norwegian supervision, has recently turned into a modern fishing harbor with modern facilities and amenities.

Sultan’s Battery, located at a distance of 97 km from Kozhikode, is famous for the ancient fort which was a fantastic creation of Tipu Sultan in 18th century. The coffee and cardamom orchards are dotted around the place. The riveting destination looks marvelous for these well stretched groves. Located at an elevation of 3000 feet, Sultan’s Battery can be accessed from the hillock Ooty as well.

Don’t forget to visit the adjoining hilly place, about 6 km towards the eastern side of Sultan’s Battery. This nearby undulating place would definitely not let you down. Very old and beautiful pictures are engraved on the cracks of these hills of this place. Some ancient scriptures and books were also discovered from the same place as well.

Nature lovers who love to watch a group of strolling denizens like tigers, elephants and leopards amidst an awe-inspiring cosmos should visit Wynad (Muthanfa) Wild Life Sanctuary, located adjacent to Mudhumalai.
Cross the territory of the captivating sanctuary and hit Perumanam Kotta, the Pazhasi raja's fabulous fortress.
A number of hotels are there in Sultan’s Battery. Interested tourists who want to spend some time in the middle of the astonishing natural backdrop should spend a night at Motel Aaram of KTDC, Modern Tourist Home, Hotel The Resort, Orchid Resort, Government Guest house or Hotel Regency.

Madayi, about 22 km from kannur, is another fabulous tourists’ destination which is popularly known for the primeval mosque, built by famous Malik Ibn Dinar. The mosque was a result of an earnest effort which was put in by many architects and laborers in 12th century. The majestic mosque was built by using countless white marbles. These expensive marbles were brought all the way from the Arabian countries. It involved large number of architects and huge amount of money was spent to make it one of the most impressive monuments of India.

Holiday makers who are high on their energy can again start their journey from Madayi. Hire a vehicle to visit both Mazhapilangad Beach (15 km from Kannur), the heaven for the swimmers and Parassinikadavu Snake Park (16 km from Kannur). The 4 km long swimmers’ beach attracts a lot of swimmers from faraway places. 

The holy Shiva temple, on the banks of Valapattanam River, located at a distance of 2 km from Kannur, is famous in the vicinity, especially to the devotees and spiritual crowds.

Located at a distance of 45 km from Kannur, at an elevation of 145 meters, Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary, covering 55 square km of expansive area, built in 1984, is another nearby coveted destination. If you want to get into the sanctuary and watch the green manor thoroughly then you have to grant permission for all the members in your group from Asst Wildlife Warden, placed at a distance of 10 km from the doorway of the sanctuary.

Kesargarh, located at a distance of 115 km from Kannur, on NH-47, is a sanctified Muslim pilgrimage. About 16 km towards the southern side of Kesargarh, the Bekal beach, is a lovely and striking destination which has a lot to offer to the nature lovers. The Bekal fort, built in 1650, covering 35 square km of huge territory, is a place which still carries the reminiscences of the old glory days. Nevertheless, the Archeological department is now maintaining the fort. A tourist information center at the doorway of the fort is built to provide required information to the tourists.

Kerala is attracting a large number of people on a regular basis from India and other countries for many years for its awe inspiring nature and astonishing Sea beaches. Pallikere Sea Beach, located at the eastern corridor of Bekal is another stunning allurement for all the beach lovers.

Even though the astonishing beaches of Kerala are surely the best attractions of the country but the state as like other South Indian states showcases many holy temples. Lively inhabitants of Kerala are lucky enough to enjoy the nature fully. About 6 km from Bekal, Kappil beach, is another enjoyable beach in the proximity.

Chandragiri fort, the sought after tourists’ destination, looks marvelous as it is located atop the small hill on the lap of the green nature.

Towering hills of Kerala are protecting the fascinating beaches and mesmerizing cosmos for many years. Arimala hill, about 15 km from Bayunur, amidst the wonder natural backdrop of Kerala, can be accessed by hiring a car. The place is located at a distance of 50 km from Kannur.
Mesmerizing nature and lingering Sea beach of Erimala attract plethora of picnic and outing lovers. Atypical vegetations which are used for making life saving medicines are scattered around the beach of Erimala.

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The nearest railway station of Kesargarh and Bekal is situated in Pallikere but most of the express trains don’t stop at this station. Passengers of these trains have to get down at Kanhangad railway station which is just 8 km away from Pallikere. If you are very late, then you can also stay at City Palace hotel in Kanhangad overnight.  Bus which starts from Kannur touches bekal on its way to Kalikot.

How to reach: Kannur railway station is well connected to Mysore by bus. Kannur is connected to Kozhikode both by train and by road. The road which connects both Kozhikode and Kannur, is amazing. The scenic beauty  en route attracts and entertains all the holiday makers. Enjoy the quality time while traveling through the undulating road to Kannur from Kozhikode. The place can be accessed from Alapuzha, Ernakulum, Thiruvananthapuram, Mangalore and many more tourist destinations by train. The city of Kannur can also be accessed from many cities by bus as well.

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