Kerala: Kodungallur


Kodungallur, also popularly known as Cranganore, about 38 km away from Kochi and 36 km towards the south- west side of Thrissur, was one of the most important port cities of western coast before 2000 years. At that point of time most of the people around used to know this place with the name Muziris. The Island like Kodungallur, is shielded and delimited by Azhicode river in the south, backwater in the east and the Arabian Sea in the west.

Foreign merchants used to visit the place time and again for the imperialistic control and looting precious spices. Greeks, Romans and Jews had forcefully entered into the territory of Kondugallore many times. It was also the capital of Kerala previously when Cheraman Perumal was the ruler of Kerala.

Kurumba Bhagavathi and Thiruvanchikulam, built in the middle of the city, are foremost attractions of Kodungallore. Bharani, the colorful and holy festival, organized every year on the sanctified premise of the ancient Bhagavathi temple, is celebrated during the Malayalam month of Meenom (March/April). All the intoxicated inhabitants, irrespective of their sex, come out of their homes wearing red attires to celebrate the fiesta with each other. Many times the festive spirit is changed to the dirty adventure due to the consumption of Alcohol. A lot of local people are against this kind of celebration.

About 1.5 km away from the city, Cheraman Juma Masjid, is an ancient temple which was built long back in 629. The structure of the sacred mosque resembles the structure of the Hindu temple. Recently the mosque was revamped entirely. Dome and Minaret are the newest additions to the excellent and time-honored structure of the temple.

Malik Ibn Dinar, the descendant of Hazrat Muhammad (the founder of Islam), had landed on the holy land of Kodungallore in 643 for the very first time. It was his first visit to India as well.

St Thomas, the well known follower of Jesus Christ, had visited Kottapuram way back in 52.

Kottapuram, about 6 km away from Kodungallur, was previously known as Muziris. To commemorate the arrival of St Thomas, a memorial called St Thomas Memorial, was built at the meeting point of the Periyar River and the Arabian Sea. A number of Christian tourists and pilgrims gather on the holy floor of the Kodungallore Church to recall the memories of the famous St Thomas.

Kodungallore Puram, Sriram temple in Triprayar (25 km from the city), and Bharat temple in Irinjalakuda (21 km from the city) are few nearby coveted tourists’ destinations.

How to reach: Kodungallur can be accessed from Kochi by bus and by motorboats approximately in 3 ½ hours. Carry packed lunch and drinking water along with you. However, you should visit Kodungallore and come back to Thrissur on the same day by bus.

Where to stay: Indraprasthan, E Nada; Kairali, Kattapuram; Palakulath, N Nada; and PWD Rest House.
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