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kovalam : One of the most beautiful beach of India:

One of the prettiest sea beaches of India, Kovalam, attracts huge number of tourists from various parts of the world. The popularity of the prolonged sandy beach is gigantic, especially, the holiday makers who want to spend some time away from the routine jobs, can book their tickets to Kovalam. It’s a destination for all those who enjoy serene elegance and beauty. The fabulous Kovalam is located on the calm and quiet lap of nature.

The tranquil blue waves of the sea invite each and every beach lover to its sandy and windy beach. The beach has a shape of a sparrow in Kovalam. The small waves of the Sea hit silently on the golden sands of beach. Loosen up all your muscles by enjoying a bath in the Kovalam beach.

Small heaps are scattered around the sea beach. Papaya, banana and coconut trees sway their heads with air on the beach of Kovalam. Stroll on the beach of Kovalam and if you are tired then take rest in the shelter of the tall palm trees. Small ocean waves under the blue sky entice plenty of enthusiasts both for bathing and surfing. Huge numbers of tourists flock to Kovalam from various other countries. Plenty of them enjoy sunbath on the priestline sandy beach.

Even though the Europeans had discovered the dreamland in 1930 but the place had got its popularity way after 30 more years when the people of Hippi community first stepped on the land of Kovalam. Hotels were built to accommodate tourists who came all the way from Europe by Chartered flights in 1990. However, due to the presence of huge number of people, innumerable hotels, clumsiness and dirt, the Chartered flights are landing in Goa instead of the Costa del Kerala now. The ayurvedic massage parlor is the newest attraction of Kovalam. The massage can cure plenty of diseases and ailments. The duration of the massage treatment differs according to the nature of the disease.

The beach of Kovalam is now divided into four adjoining territories. Take a walk towards the beach from the bus stand to access the Convention Centre. Madrasa Hidayathul Islam is located on the beach. Light house, located at the southern tip of Kovalam, can be accessed between 3 to 5 pm every day.

Tourists, who like to watch the village and simple lifestyles of the villagers, should take a walk to the Vizhinjam, situated at the south of the lighthouse. The main occupants of the village are fishermen.

The nearby Middle beach is another allurement for the beach lovers. Walk through the sand to the middle beach in the afternoon. A series of fishing boats get back every day at the middle beach from the deep sea in the early morning.

Another beach of Kovalam, is popularly known in the proximity for its feral waves. The destructive mood of the sea can be witnessed in the rainy season during April- October. Even though the visiting season is between October- March but tourists throng to the place in huge numbers during November- February.

The Tourist Office of Kerala Tourism is located at the entrance of the Hotel Ashoka.

The lake, formed by the Arabian Sea and backwater, located at a distance of 3 km from Kovalam, can be accessed by the holiday makers. Fishermen stay on both the banks of the lake. The calm and quiet golden beaches, Pozhikkara and Pachallor, look awesome at both the sides of the lake.

Tourists who really like the scenic beauty around the lake can stay at Lagoona Beach Resort. Holiday makers can enjoy yachting on the fascinating water surface and the resort authority can organize the trip for the interested tourists.
Aruvikkara, about 16 km towards the northern side of the city, on the banks of Karamana River, is famous for its water works. Verrine Lagoona, Bhagawati temple, orchard and surrounding environment attract plenty of picnic and outing lovers from faraway places. Interested tourists can stay at IB.

Neyyar dam / Wildlife sanctuary: located about 30 km away from Thiruvananthapuram, Neyyar dam is a popular picnic spot and is lying against the southern low hills of the Western Ghats. Tourists can enjoy themselves in the astonishing park and in small dotted islands. It’s not a bad idea to enjoy a ride on a boat. The surrounds look marvelous when the dam shines with the scattered lights in the evening of every Sunday.

The charm and appeal of the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Lion safari and crocodile project, covering a sprawling area of 128 square km, on the foot of Pashimghat hills, allure huge crowds. Inhabitants like Gaur, Shambar and elephants amble in their homeland. Holiday makers and nature lovers should witness the grandeur of the sanctuary by availing a conducted tour.

Agasthya Malai which has an elevation of 1868 meters looks like a cap on the green sanctuary. Write to Asst. Wildlife Warden, Neyyar Dam for any assistance.

The adjoining Agasthya Venam Biological Park is another place which would definitely fascinate nature lovers. Covering 23 square km of lands, the park, built in 1992, amidst the deep and dark forest, is a secluded and tranquil place to spend some time at.

Learn the process of Yoga at Sibananda Maharaj’s Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram. Besides Indian followers, plenty of Yoga followers from different parts of the world assemble on the Ashram premise.

Tourists who are high on energy can visit Agasthyakoodam, about 32 km away from Neyyar on Sahyadri hills as well.
The Project House, Neyyar Resort and Agasthya House are the notable places where tourists can stay at.

How to reach: Kovalam is connected to Thriruvananthapuram and Kanyakumari by bus. Hire an auto or taxi to Kovalam from Thiruvananthapuram or Kanyakumari for a safe and comfortable journey.

Where to stay: Hotel Rockholm, Sharma Cottages, Varmas Beach Resort, Hotel Neptune, Hotel Marine Palace, Hotel Sea-Rock, Hotel Samudra, Kovalam Beach Retreat, Hotel Palmanova, Paradise Rock and Hotel Sun Set.
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