Kerala: Kozhikode, Kalpetta, Mahe and Wayanad


Kozhikode, previously known as Kalikot, is a riveting city which is situated on the wonderful land of Malabar Coast. Meaning of the word, Kozhikode, is the crow of a cock.

Not many historical stories about the city are known. However, the story of Vasco Da Gama is very popular here. It is said that Vasco Da Gama had landed on the astonishing and striking Kappad beach, situated at a distance of 16 km from Kozhikode, with his 170 associates.

Later on, the city of Kozhikode became the biggest business hubs for the Portuguese merchants. A number of famous forts were also constructed during that period by Portuguese. The third largest Sea Beach of the world is situated in Kozhikode. The lingering beach of Kozhikode looks really attractive and spectacular due to the existence of the scattered small hills on and around the beach. The neighboring Dolphin Point offers a mind blowing sight of the vibrant Dolphins.

A number of primeval temples, renowned mosques, divine Churches and Cathedrals are dotted at various corners of Kozhikode. Interested tourists can take a walk around to witness the spiritual power of these religious places.
The Sea beach, located at a distance of 3 km from the city, is a heavenly place for the morning walkers.
The city of Kozhikode had been contributing towards the development of the Indian garment business from 19th century. The name of Kalikot was also derived from Kaliko.

Different kinds of fishes, spices, coconut items, tea and coffee are exported to many countries of the world from Kozhikode.

Many tourists flock to Kappad, about 16 km from Kozhikode, for Ayurvedic treatment. Most of the Muslim city dwellers here belong to Mappiles or Moptah communities. They are earning money by making fishing boats.

Pazhassirajah Museum, built in 1812, about 5 km from the city, showcases a striking collection of archeological items like Bronze idols, wall paintings and innumerable megalithic objects. The adjoining Krishna Menon Museum or the art gallery displays the pictures of the king Ravi Varma and the king Raja Verma. It also showcases numerous awards of V K Krishna Menon. This museum is closed on Monday.

Vythiri, about 60 km from Kozhikode, is another nearby coveted attraction for the tourists and is popular due to the mesmerizing Pookot Lake.

Tourists who are interested to stay in Vythiri can stay at Grasim Resort, Rain Country Resort, Tranquil Home Stay and many more privately owned hotels.

Kalpetta, the small city, about 12 km from Vythiri, houses Chamber peak, Sentinel and Meenmutty waterfalls.
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Melady, located at a distance of 50 km towards the south of Kozhikode, on Kozhicode- Kannur road, is a small town which is famous as the birth place of the Golden lady P T Usha.

Mahe, 60 km towards north of Kozhikode, on NH-17, covering only 9 square km of lands, was a tiny French town in the Pondicherry territory. The control of the diminutive city was there with M Mahe de Labourdomnais or the French merchants from 1725 to 1954. The French Government House, built in 1855 is the prime attraction of the town. The small hilly town, hidden in the tall swaying coconut trees, not only allures tourists for its mesmerizing natural milieu but also for its salubrious climate. The St Theresa Church depicts French architectural stylishness and it still recalls the artistic touch of the expert French architects.

Mehe is connected to Kozhikode and Kannur both by road and by railway networks.

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After the fascinating trip of Kozhikode and Mahe, search for another charming destination ends at Tellicherry, about 8 km from Mahe. The clear blue waves of the Sea of Tellicherry welcome tourists warmly. The previously known name of the city was Tellicherry. It is popularly known as Thalassery now. Touches of British architectures are prominent on the monuments of Tellicherry as it was under the control of British for a long time. British merchants visited this ancient small town of the Malabar Coast to purchase Cloves and Cinnamon but ended up in constructing factories in Thalassery in 1683. Ruins of an ancient fort, built in 1708, can be seen at Thalassery as well. Mananchira tank of 14th century, located in the close hinterland, is another renowned attraction of the town.  Sought after destinations like Royal palace of 18th and 19th century, Shiva-Krishna-Narasimha temple, Park, French Consulate Bhavan and Cathedral of 18th century are built around the Mananchira tank.

Moplah Muslim Communities are the chief residents of Tellicherry and their profession is fishing. A range of small boats which travel into the deep Sea early in the morning, get back to home in evening. This is a part of their mundane daily lives.

Nature is very generous to the Dharmangam Island, placed at the meeting point of the Rivers Anjarakandy and Thalassery. The awe inspiring natural surrounds make this place really special to the eyes of the nature lovers.
Regular bus services are available to Thalassery from Mangalore, Cannanore, Kochi and Kozhikode.
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Enclosed by innumerable towering mountains, the green heaven, Wayanad, recalls the historical days. Located at an elevation of 76 meters from the plains, the clean and pristine destination is rich in flora and fauna. The prolonged natural manor, meets with Tamilnadu at Mudumalai and with Karnataka at Bandipur. Covering 2132 square km of stunning area, Wayanad, enjoys a salubrious weather all the way through the year. The wildlife sanctuary of Wayanad, is famous for its well maintained biodiversity. The sanctuary is located adjacent to the Mudumalai and Nagahole forests.

Dense jungles, fascinating valley and affluent wild life are the wealth of Wayanad, located on the rugged plateau of the Paschimghat hill range. A number of tourists like to visit Wayanad when they visit Ooty, Mysore and Bangalore as the land of astonishment acts as a junction.

The nearest railway station and airport of Wayanad is Kozikode. Kozhikode airport is located at a distance of 25 km from Wayanad.

How to reach: Avail a train to Kozhikode railway station from Bangalore, Mangalore, Malampuzha, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur and other parts of the state. Kozhikode is well connected to Ooty, Coimbatore, Mysore, Bangalore, Mangalore, Pondicherry, Madurai and quite a few other cities by bus. Check our transport links below. It is also well connected by roads.

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