Kerala: Palakkad and Malampuzha


Malampuzha, located at a distance of 14 km from Palakkad towards Kozhikode, on NH-47, is a city which attracts hordes of tourists and holiday makers for its picturesque natural backdrop. The astonishing dam, built in Malampuzha, is another renowned allurement for the nature lovers.

Tourists who get the opportunity to climb up the Garden House, on the hilltop, they can witness the wonderful panoramic sites of the Lake and the beautiful flower groves. The neighboring Rock Garden on the undulating hilly slope fascinates groups of tourists. Aquarium, Snake Park, Children’s Park, Rock Garden and Fantasy Park are other coveted tourists’ destinations. The contiguous Rose Garden showcases more than 100 species of stunning and colorful roses.

The Rope Way and Toy Train are built just to amuse and excite the tourists who come to this place for entertaining themselves. The adjoining Telescope Tower, placed in the close proximity, is the best place where from the spectacular natural surrounds can be viewed. While boating on the water surface of the Lake, tourists can witness the sight of myriad of colorful and vivacious fishes. If you wish you can enjoy swimming as well. The places around the Lake look majestic when the wreaths of lights with different shapes and colors adorn the entire area on every Saturday, Sunday and any other holidays.
How to reach: Malampuzha can be accessed from Palakkad by bus. Many travel to Coimbatore from Malampuzha and hit Palakkad on their way. Avail a bus from Malampuzha to visit the desired destination.

Where to stay: Garden House of KTDC, M Arram of KTDC, PWS Rest House, Government Guest House, The Gowardhan Holiday Village, Tripenta Hotel, Champion Residency and Hotel Dam Palace are the notable hotels in Malampuzha for a night stay.

Palakkad: Palakkad, the granary of South India, is located at a distance of 55 km towards the south-west of Coimbatore, on NH-47.
Numerous feral and untamed hilly rivers cut the valley of Palakkad across. The city, built on the river valley, amidst the well stretched green manor of woodland and soaring hills, looks splendid.

The entire city is surrounded by 18 Brahmin villages. Series of homes at the roadside and temples in each of these villages are the fortes of Palakkad. The Kalpathy River marks its way on the lower slope. The splendor of the city can enthrall anyone as the city is bedecked with plenty of homes all of which have red roofs. Towering Paschimghat hill is protecting the settlement standing tall at the backend of the houses of local people. It looks like the almighty has devoted a lot of his time to plan and build the city in the middle of the astounding natural locale.

The Palakkad fort, built by the king Hyder Ali in 1766, because of its important historical background and impressive location, pulls huge crowds regularly. The fort was reconstructed and revamped in 1790 by British.

The Music College, adjacent to the Palakkad fort, is a famous place for all the students who want to learn customary music and traditional Kathakali dance. Local people shake their legs along with the Kathakali and Teyyam dancers during April- May. Another famous and widely acceptable festival is Rathayatra. The festival of Rathayatra connects the souls of the inhabitants.

A nearby destination, Kalpathy Shiva temple, is a prime and foremost attraction for the spiritual tourists. 
About 3 km towards the west of the city is jainimedu, on the prolonged banks of the gently rolling Kalpany River, delimited by the plain and simple fortifications, Chandranath Swami Jain, is a holy temple, built many year ago by the diamond businessmen. The history of the temple dates back to 2000 years. 24 adjoining wells are dedicated to the 24 different Jain Tirthankars.

Nature lovers can take the pleasure in the spectacular natural locus of the surrounding places of the Dhoni waterfalls, about 8 km away from the city.

Another sought after astonishing destination for the nature lovers is the virgin and opaque Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, covering a rambling 90 acres of green manor. Interested groups of nature lovers have to grant permission from the Assistant Wildlife Warden, Silent Valley NPm Nykkali. Call @ (04924)- 253225 for more information. Large numbers of natural denizens and vibrant butterflies stay together in the middle of the lingering forest at an altitude of 2000 meters. 1000 different species of common and uncommon trees along with 100 kinds of colorful orchids entertain the hordes of holiday makers. Hire a vehicle to the sanctuary. It takes 2 hours.

Lies at a distance of 110 km from Palakkad, covering a huge green territory of 285 sq km, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, is another attractive destination which deserves a visit. Take permission from DFO, Parambikulam THunakkadavu. Call @ (04253) - 277233.

How to reach: Palakkad can be accessed from Malampuzha by bus. You can also hire a vehicle to Malampuzha from Palakkad for a comfortable and safe journey.

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