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Lakshadweep Islands:

A secluded heaven, floating on the blue water surface of the overwhelming Arabian Sea, emerald Lakshadweep, is spread along the Sea line with its awe-inspiring cosmos. 100000 mesmerizing Islands were formed due to an earthquake. Later on, all of these serene and isolated Islands, in the middle of the crystal clear water, formed Lakshadweep. Another group of people opine that British had brought this dreamland spending a whopping amount of 100000 rupees.

Now, the entire territory comprises of 36 islands, out of which people are living their lives in only 10 islands. Rests of the 26 uninhabited islands are secluded due to the dearth of sweet water. The swelling waves of the Sea hit severely on various waterlogged beaches and a number of ridges. Dotted corals around make it a must visit destination.
The grandness and wonder of Lakshadweep are not hidden in the soaring hills and stunning beaches like Andaman and Nicobar islands. Actually its charm is primarily veiled in its overwhelming and emerald Sea beaches.

Lakshadweep was constructed very recently on 1st January, 1973 with three islands namely Lakshadweep, Minicoy and Amindivi. Besides these groups of Islands, a number of other islands are also sprinkled in the middle of the well drawn-out Sea. Out of 60595 people, 82.52% are educated in Lakshadweep. Most of these religious inhabitants are Muslims. According to the figures, 93% of people are Sunni Muslims. Honest city dwellers of Lakshadweep believe in simple lifestyles. Women are respected and are covered with exclusive ornaments. Malayalam and English are two common languages.  However, inhabitants of Minicoy Island speak in Mahl. Few people of Minicoy also speak Hindi and English.

Densely covered with swaying coconut trees and threaded by an unbroken line of creamy sands, Lakshadweep, gathers money from all over the world. Papaya, guava and banana trees are also sprinkled in and around Lakshadweep. Most of the city occupants earn from small industries. Coconut coir, oil, vinegar and many more items are produced. Making handicrafts and items for home decorations are common professions of the inhabitants. Colorful Tune fishes are exported to various important countries of the world as well.

One of the most spectacular and splendid tropical islands of the world, Lakshadweep, is a wide spread island, located at an elevation of 4 meter from the sea level. The hordes of tourists and nature lovers are attracted to witness the splendor of Lakshadweep in rainy seasons mainly. Lakshadweep experience good amount of rain falls every year. Temperature of Lakshadweep varies from 32 degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius in summers where as temperature stays around 20 degrees in winters. Tourists throng to Lakshadweep from far and wide due to its wonderful natural backdrop and pleasant weather.

Even though the place was there in the darkness for many years but a lot of modern facilities and amenities are available in the land of water now. Kavaratti and Minicoy, the capital of Lakshadweep, enjoy modern amenities.
Lakshadweep, nestled in the water, offers panoramic view of sunrise and sunset. The places look majestic during sunset as the transparent blue water of the sea shines with the last ray of the sun. The entire manor looks magnificent when it is bathed in moonlight as well.

The nearby Bangaram island was discovered by the old Hindu king Cheraman Perumal. Later on, islands like Agatti, Amini and many more stunning islands were also came into existence.
If you are a nature lover, then there is no better place on earth than Lakshadweep. You rarely get a chance to live so close to nature. Shimmering white coral reefs and inundated sandy beach of Lakshadweep are pulling crowds from various parts of India and other countries across the Globe.

To maintain and uphold its originality, tourists have to grant a special permission to get into the topography of Lakshadweep. Innumerable adjoining beaches are accessed by riding on a ship. The quest for a new island is always on. Interested group of holiday makers can avail a packaged tour as well. Tourists spend the entire day roaming on the fascinating beaches around and spend nights on the ship in the middle of deep Sea. The place is safe and secured. The entire Lakshadweep is an alcohol free state. The only place where you are allowed to drink is Bangaram Island.

Indians are allowed to wander around the islands, Minicoy, Kavaratti and Kalpeni. Very recently the doorway of Androth Island is also opened to the Indians. However, the foreigners are only allowed to visit Bangaram Island.
The expenses of the packaged tours to Lakshadweep vary with quality of services and foods in the ship. If you avail a packaged tour then all the responsibilities along with granting permission for the trip will be there on the shoulders of the arrangers. Avail a packaged tour to move from One Island to the other through the deep blue Sea. Enjoy the pleasing sight when a bunch of crystal clear water waves hit the blue lagoon and corals. It looks like the entire land of Lakshadweep wears a garland of corals along the ridges. Enjoy the inundated and lovely coral reefs while travelling on a speedboat. Different kind of animated fishes of various colors move in the 5 meters deep Sea to find foods. Watch these animated and colorful fishes playing in the luscious and clear Sea water.

The district head quarter of Lakshadweep, lying about 404 km off Kochi, Kavaratti Island, covering 3.6 square km of lagoon, is rich in marine wealth. This is the lifeline of all the other Islands around. The atmosphere is calm and quiet here. The water of the Sea changes its color often. The depth varies and the colors vary accordingly. School, college, Government Offices and Hospitals are dotted around the diminutive Island. Swaying coconut trees of the fascinating manor welcome tourists gleefully. 52 mosques are also built in Kavaratti Island. The holy Ajjara mosque, built in 1670, depicts an excellent architectural grandeur on its captivating ceiling and striking pillars. The water of the adjoining well has a curative power to heal diseases. Another mosque namely Jamath mosque, located in the close vicinity, attracts plenty of Muslim pilgrims as well.

The marine museum of Kavaratti Island has a huge assortment of colorful Sea fishes and glittering corals. Fossils of numerous inundated flora and fauna also increase the flair of the museum.
The bird’s eye view of the sunrise and stunning spectacle of sunset would refresh your soul.
Many tourists who visit Lakshadweep like to spend an entire day in Dolphin dive. It’s probably the best place to play water sports. Tourists who want to enjoy a cool bath in the transparent blue Sea water, they need to stay at the Paradise Beach Resort. Watching Sea fishes and coral reefs in the middle of the Sea is a nice experience here. Tourists can hire a boat from Kovaratti Island and enjoy the sight of the surrounding Sea and various common and uncommon submerged fishes.
Tourist Complex, Circuit House, Government Annexe and Taj Complex Hotel are few notable places where holiday makers can stay at.
Minicoy Island enjoys shadowy and cool shades of towering and swaging coconut trees. 10.6 km long serene spot is the second largest Island of Lakshadweep if the volume is concerned. Minicoy Island, located at the southern tip of Lakshadweep, about 200 km away from Kavaratti Island, is only 398 km away from Kochi. Most of the residents of the Island are not at all influenced by the cultures and traditions of South India. The majestic Island is different with its language, customs and lifestyles. Cultures and traditions of these inhabitants are somewhat similar to that of Maldives. The whole Island looks like a picture which had been drawn by an expert artist on a canvas. The fine-looking Island comprises of 9 adjoining Athiris or villages. Residents of the villages have a strong cultural background as well. Well decorated homes and fine arts on the home furniture show their lifestyles.
The lighthouse, built by the British in 1885, displays a thoughtful planning and an impressive artistic touch. Climb up the lighthouse to take a look at the awe-inspiring and prolonged Sea. The panoramic view of the emerald waves of the encircling Sea would definitely entertain all of you.
This is one of the best beach for all those who love surfing and swimming. The charm of the island is in its remoteness. However, lot of modern facilities and technologies are available at your fingertips now. Lava dance performances which take place on the land of the Minicoy Island shows the prominent cultures and mores of Lakshadweep.
Sri Krishna temple, plenty of mosques and Light Meat Tuna Conning Factory are the other coveted destinations of the Minicoy Island.
Tourist Home, Tourist Hut and PWD IB are few significant places for a night say.

Bangaram Island, about 459 km and 8 km away from Kochi and Kavaratti respectively, can be accessed by riding on a speed boat only in 3 hours. Plenty of foreigners flock to the Island as this is the only Island which doesn’t force them to grant permission. Foreigners enjoy the scenic beauty around while having a drink alongside. This is also the only Island in Lakshadweep where drinking is allowed. Each of the majestic corners of the island, covering only 120 square km of area, can be seen within an hour. The swaying coconut trees on the serene beach of golden sands look astounding as the beach is surrounded by emerald water of the Sea. The shallow Sea of Bangaram Island is one of the best entertainers of Lakshadweep as innumerable tourists visit just to entertain themselves with the inundated corals and vivacious fishes. Apart from crabs, snails and oysters, myriad of colorful species of butterflies would fulfill every dream of a nature lover. Numerous turtles also choose this beach as their favorite destination for breeding. The mesmerizing sight of the sunset would take you to another world of joy and happiness. Especially, the spectacle of the reflection of the last ray of the sun on the transparent blue water of the Sea is really absorbing. It looks even more engrossing when the entire beach enjoys a bath in the moonlight. It’s really a pleasing trip. If you feel tired even in the middle of the fascinating natural milieu, then you can always savor the water sports which are arranged regularly for the hordes of tourists and holiday makers.

If you stay at the Bangaram Island for an entire day then you would definitely be able to unfold many more unknown mysteries of the mind-blowing cosmos. Take a long walk on the golden sand for some time and hit the pleasing paradise of coconut groves. Bangaram Island Resort, amidst the riveting coconut garden, is the best and most expensive hotel which can offer you a shelter for a day or two. Many people who are not willing or incapable of spending a monstrous amount for staying at Bangaram Island Resort, can look for another notable option i.e. Casino Hotel in Bangaram Island. 
Neighboring heavenly Islands called Tirmakara, Parali 1 and 2 are located in the same lagoon along with the Bangaram Island. These Islands in the close proximity are also uninhabited like the Bangaram Island. 

Located at a distance of 25 km from Kavaratti, Agatti Island is another delightful destination for the groups of tourists. It’s a two hours journey by boat from Kavaratti to Agatti Island. A slender tract finds its way to the expanded water territory of the Sea through a well stretched coconut grove on the golden sandy beach. If you are searching for a peace of mind then sit quietly for some time on the beach in front of the transparent and emerald Sea water. If you think that you would only enjoy the awe-inspiring natural background and submerged corals then you still have to explore the beach a bit more. Take the pleasure in a delightful walk through the inundated corals and fishes of the shallow water. To enjoy your trip a bit more, you can wear the mask of snorkeling before going deep into the planet of corals. You would be thoroughly entertained by the excellent creations of nature in this part of the world. It seems that the picturesque beach and its spectacular surrounds have been created with lot of imaginations and contemplations. The Agatti beach, lies 459 km off Kochi, is connected to Kochi by air.
Interested tourists can stay at the privately owned hotels in Agatti Island.

The emerald Island, Kalpeni, set amidst the lingering and swaging coconut groves, located at a distance of 287 km from Kochi towards the south- east side of Kavaratti Island, is a safe haven for innumerable corals and plenty of other submerged animals. This is the most astonishing beach of the splendid Lakshadweep. The place looks even more astounding for its lagoon. The Mydin Mosque in Kalpeni Island attracts tourists for its coral walls.
The adjoining uninhabited Island, Tilakkaram, is one of the best destinations where tourists along with their family members can surf and bath in a calm and quiet beach. The Department of Fisheries has built an Aquarium on the charming and ecstatic beach of Tilakkaram. This astonishing Aquarium has a huge collection of submerged Sea creatures and animals. The splendid splendor of the adjoining areas of the Tilakkaram beach can be enjoyed nicely if you climb up the light house crossing 185 stairways. Many of the tourists are willing to purchase bountiful items from Lakshadweep. They can visit the Khadi Bhavan in Tilakkaram to buy various handicrafts of their own choice. Rain water is the prime source of sweet water in this Island. Tourists who visit the land of astonishment are welcomed with local songs and dance forms called Kolkali and Parichakkali. Tourist Cottage is the best place where holiday makers can stay at.

Even though many of the Islands which are scattered around Lakshadweep have already been explored but still a lot of Islands are uninhabited. Pitty is one of them. The seventh heaven for bird watchers, Pitty, houses a wildlife sanctuary.

Amindivi Island, another marvelous destination for the bird lovers, comprises of Chetlat and Bitra.
A famous Muslim saint, Malik Mulla, who came to the adjoining Bitra Island all the way from Arab, had taken his last breath in Bitra Island. His mausoleum is a renowned attraction for the Muslim tourists.
Violent and vociferous waves of the Sea of the Kadmat Island break the stillness and silence of the Island. The charm of the Island is concealed in its cool shades of towering coconut groves. The entire Island is fully covered with golden sands. The lagoon along the east and west coast of the Island is also worth watching. Holiday makers can spend the whole day with fun and frolic on the beach in the middle of the excellent natural setting. Partake in the water sports in the Island to enthrall your kids. Kadmat Island is located in the prime land of the central Lakshadweep.
If you want to take the pleasure in nature for some more time then you can stay at Tourist Cottage and Youth Hostel in Kadmat Island.

Andrott Island, the largest Island of Lakshadweep, about 293 km away from Kochi, spreading across 4.8 square km of land, is another absorbing destination and is the nearest beach of the rest of the Indian territories. The sufi Muslim saint, Ubeidullah, visited Andrott to spread Islamic beliefs and also had lost his life in Andrott Island. The mausoleum of the well known saint is placed inside the Zuma mosque of Andrott Island. Innumerable Muslim pilgrims still consider the Island as a sanctified destination.

How to reach: Kochi is known as the connecting city for Lakshadweep and Tamilnadu. The best and comfortable way to visit various beaches of Lakshadweep is to avail a conducted tour. Ships start from Kochi to Lakshadweep four or five times every month. Tourists can also fly to Lakshadweep from Kochi and few other Indian cities.

Where to stay: Bangaram Tourist Resort in Bangaram Island, Tourist Hut in Kavaratti, Bangaram, Agatti and Kadmat Islands are noteworthy places to stay at. Guest Houses, built by SPORTS, are also there in Kavaratti and Kadmar Island. Apart from these, Honeymoon Resort and Youth Hostel are there in Kadmat Island. Tourists can stay at PWD IB in Minicoy and Kavaratti Islands.

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