Madhya Pradesh - Bagh Caves near Indore


Popularly known as the second Ajanta, the Bagh caves are the epitomes of excellence and magnificence. Built during 5th to 7th century, on the fascinating River banks of Bagni, the wonderful caves, atop the 800 feet tall Vindhya hill, were formed using red sandstones and still are pulling large number of Buddhist pilgrims. The place, carved out of stones, however, is open to all the communities irrespective of their religion and creed. The colorful pictures and vibrant ornamentation cover the walls of the cave.

Out of the 9 ancient caves, 4 are still drawing attention. Rest of them could not be maintained and preserved. The 4th cave namely Rangmahal is said to be the best one as its splendid ornamentation are worth watching.
The chief and charming features of these caves are their murals, made up creatively using tempera technique. The expression of the crying woman, shown on the cave wall, would definitely impress one and all. Gaze at every aspect of the ornamentation to witness one of the best art forms of the world.

The titanic Yama idol, placed outside the cave, is worthy of mention as well. All these momentous and primeval art forms are slowly but definitely are losing their appeal and delight due to the natural calamities. The Bagh caves are known as the Pancha Pandavas Caves as well.

The Bagh Cave, which could have been an immensely popular tourists’ destination is not at all popular to the swarms of tourists and nature lover due to its remote location. The place is still very difficult to access. One should also carry packed food.

The transcripts of the Bagh Caves, nevertheless, can be witnessed easily in the archeological museum of Gwalior.
Tourists who visit the Bagh caves should also visit the Jain pilgrimage Mohankheda, about 5 km away from the Bagh Caves.

How to reach: The Bagh village, about 158 km away from Indore, situated at the border of Gujarat, can be accessed by bus. The famous Bagh caves are situated at a distance of 7 km from the village. You can avail a bus from Dhar or Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Get down at the cave stop. Then take a walk for 3 km from the bus stop to the Bagh caves. It’s better to know the departure time of the last bus from the cave bus stand.
It is best to  hire a car from Indore to the Bagh caves, Mohankheda and back.

Where to stay: One of the important reason for which the place is not renowned is the dearth of hotels. PWD IB, however, is located in the Bagh village and is the only option for the holiday makers for staying here. It is advised that you stay at Indore and make it a day trip. Check our hotel booking links below for photos, rates, options and online bookings at Indore.

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