Madhya Pradesh - Bhimbetka - Land of Prehistoric Cave Drawings


Bhimbetka is an entrancing destination for all the nature lovers. Situated on the elevated slope of the hill, Bhimbetka, has proudly enlisted its name in 2003 in the list of the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. Flanked at an altitude of 2200 feet, atop the charming Vindhya hill, Bhimbetka, is a place which offers a mesmerizing darkness in the middle of the shadowy and cool shades of trees.

Towering trees, such as, Sal and Teak, form an important shelter for the city dwellers. V S Wankaner had found the impressive looking city in three adjoining slopes in 1957. 700 neighboring caves, carved out of stones, are scattered in and around the hillock. All these ancient evidences of Bhimbetka still recall the old memories of human society. The traces and memories of the primeval human civilization are still prominent. It is one of the old Indian cities which exhibit plenty of archeological sculptures and objects.

The caves of Bhimbetka, excavated during 1971-77, are the best archeological examples of the world. The caves, at the upper altitude, are huge and are decorated with colorful pictures and beguiling ornamentation. The diversities of topics and differences in creativity reveal the facts that all these innovative adornments were done way back in 7th century. The borders drawn with green color and red colored portraits of animals exhibit the cultures and conventions of the Stone Age. These pictures probably were painted 10000 years ago. These were the first images which were drawn by the human beings as well.

A number of pictures had been carved and drawn during the Iron Age, the time between the old and the new Stone Age. The carvings and images, drawn in the second phase, are truly awesome for their impressiveness and diversified topics.

All of these caves look really beautiful with the colorful portraits. Colors, such as, red, white, yellow and green, were used artistically in enthralling caves. Innumerable images of various known and unknown animals, such as, Gaur, Bear, Tigers, Bison, Antelopes, Lizards, Lions, Crocodiles and Horses were artistically drawn on the cave walls. Hunting images and portraits of the contemporary lifestyles are stylishly engraved on the cave walls. Few auditorium caves are the prime and foremost attractions. The grandeur and flair of the C-13 cave is in its mythological depictions. The picture of the particular animal, showcased on the bull rock, was their deity. The natural settings around the caves are truly magical.

A divine temple of the Goddess Durga was constructed on the slope of the hill. Another nearby waterfall is a source of water. The stream of water comes down from the soaring hill and is visible throughout the year.

Both Pandavas and Betwa Rivers mark their ways through the fascinating valley of Bhimbetka. Bhimbetka would have been a bright spot on the map of tourists’ destinations if proper facilities were offered to the hordes of holiday makers. It is due to the problem of the conveyance, tourists only are able to watch the splendor of 12 caves. Rest of the caves around is still inaccessible.

Watching the wandering birds is another enticing experience for the tourists and bird watchers. Not many shops are there on the premise of Bhimbetka. Carry packed food and water along with you for a comfortable trip.

The way to Muktagiri would unfold the unmatched mysteries of nature. Go beyond the River Narmada through the prolonged territory covered with lush green manor from Bhimbetka to Hoshangabad which was famous previously for displaying wonderful Daru architectures.

Drive to Muktagiri, about 97 km away from Betul, with your loved ones. 52 temples were artistically carved out of hills in Muktagiri. The festival held on the holy premise of Muktagiri during the month of Karthik (A month according to Hindu calendar year) is imposing and noteworthy.

Tourists who want to stay in Muktagiri can book a room in the Dharamsala.

How to reach: Bhimbetka, about 40 km away from Bhopal, is well connected to Bhopal by bus. The nearest railway station of Bhimbetka is Obedullagunj which can be accessed from Bhopal by train. Engrossed tourists should hire a car from the Obedullagunj bus stand to Bhimbetka.

Where to stay: It is advisable to stay at Bhopal. Visit Bhimbetka and come back to Bhopal on the same day as Bhimbetka hasn’t come up with any hotels yet.
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