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Each and every brick of Burhanpur recalls the memories of the empress, Mumtaz. The great and famous empress was died on 17th June, 1631. The tombstone of Mumtaz was there on the premise of Burhanpur. The corpse of Mumtaz, later on, was shifted to Agra. One of the wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal, was built on the corpse of the empress.

The 7th storied ancient fort, constructed by Miran Adil Shah Farooki, on the Tapti River, is the chief attraction of Burhanpur today. Iranian architectures are prominent on the walls of the fort. The fort, adorned with beautiful decorative glasses was owned by Shahjahan later on. The astonishing Hammam or bathroom is bejeweled with colorful tiles as well.

A number of wells are there at a distance of 7 km from the city of Burhanpur. The source of water of these wells is still unknown. The mausoleum of Miran Adir Shah and Juma Mosque are attractive and appealing destinations, especially for Muslim pilgrims and tourists.

Tourists, who are planning to visit Burhanpur, should visit the place avoiding the season of summers.

A fort in Asirgarh, built by Usha and Ahir, has immense historical value. The significance and importance of the fort to the Archeological department are huge as well. The fort lies 20 km off Burhanpur and can be accessed by bus from Burhanpur.

Spiritual crowds throng to Asirgarh to witness the divinity of the holy Shiva temple, built long back in 10th century.

How to reach: Burhanpur is placed on the Itarsi/Khandwa- Bhusawal/Jalgaun railway track. A number of trains regularly travel to Burhanpur both from Khandwa and Bhuswal. The city of Burhanpur is well connected to various cities of Madhya Pradesh.

Where to stay: Hotel Pushpak, Sheel Lodge, Nataraj Vishram Griha, Hotel Anand and PWD Rest House.

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