Madhya Pradesh: Mandla - A Traveller's Guide



Located at a distance of 95 km towards the south- eastern side of Jabalpur, Mandla, is the district head quarter. The primeval capital of the Gond dynasty, Mandla, is located on the Jabalpur- Kanha road and can be accessed both from Jabalpur and Kanha through the beguiling River valley of Narmada.

The Mandla fort, about 2 km away from the bus stand, was erected way back in 17th century and was well protected. 3 of its sides are shielded by Banjar, Saraswati and Narmada Rivers where as the other side is secluded by a moat. The ruins of this captivating fort are now covered with bushes though.

A consecrated temple, on the prolonged Narmada River banks, is another nearby destination. The Triveni Sangam is a holy pilgrimage for the Hindu devotees. Everyday plenty of devotees assemble here to take a holy bath in the River. Worships and innumerable Hindu rituals are performed on this divine premise.

The ruins of the three storied palace of the Gond emperor Hirde Shah, about 17 km away from the city, on the expansive Narmada River banks, would help you to revisit the historical days to imagine the lifestyles of that epoch. Erected during 17th century, the palace truly deserves a visit.

The vista of the neighboring Sahasradhara waterfall is laudable.

The Mandla National Park, covering straggling 165 hectors, is just 40 km away from the Mandla Fort. Bison, Shambars, Panthers, Tigers and different species of deer stroll around the green manor of Mandla National Park. Listening to the concert of the native and migratory birds in the middle of the National Park is an overwhelming and enticing experience as well.

If you hire a car, then all the important and interesting destinations of Mandla can be visited comfortably within 4 hours. Interested tourists can visit plenty of neighboring places, such as, Kanha, Bilaspur and Jabalpur, from Mandla.

Avail a bus or hire a car from Mandla to Bilaspur. Pali is 48 km away from Bilaspur. Explore Pali and watch the Shiva temple of Kalchuri emperors (12th century).

Located at a distance of 25 km from Bilaspur, Ratanpur, is a well known destination for the holy Mahamaya temple, Shiva temple and the ruins of the primeval fort. The skeleton of the striking Ratanpur fort still recalls the memories of the ancient rulers of Kalchuri dynasty. Ratanpur is easily accessible from Bilaspur by bus and by train.

How to reach: Located at a distance of 43 km from Nainpur, Mandla fort Railway station is connected to Nainpur by narrow gauge railway track. Mandla fort can be accessed by bus from Jabalpur as well. Hire a car for a comfortable tour of the neighboring places around.

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