Madhya Pradesh - Shivpuri and Madhab National Park


Shivpuri, popularly known for the marvelous Madhab National Park, is reachable through the main entrance of the Park, about 7 km away from the city, on NH-25.

The very old summer resort of Scindia dynasty was well spread across 156 square km of prolonged territory, at an elevation of 370- 480 meters. The astounding meadow of the emperors of Scindia kingdom is covering a half-moon shaped area, spreading across a radius of 11 km, located at a distance of 1 km inside the forest from the main entrance of the Park. The majesty of the manor is expanded around the stunning lake in the middle of the shadowy and dim Park. The name of the magical land was changed to Madhav National Park in 1958. The change was prominent in the volume as well. The volume of the entire Park was increased to 346 square km. It was an ideal place for the Mughal emperors as they used to love hunting elephants.

The Shivpuri, however, is pulling crowds for the assortment of flora and fauna. The atypical range of vegetations makes this place a truly wonderful destination for the nature lovers. The dreamland is open throughout the year but it is always recommended to avoid rainy season and summers. Don’t plan for the trip during June- September. The best time to enjoy the green manor and its strolling inhabitants is spring. The color of the entire terrain changes in springs, as the Palash trees decorate the territory fabulously with their excellent panache and splendor. The temperature in winters comes down often to 3 degrees Celsius. Winter, however, are pleasant here. Tourists can enjoy the season as the winter temperature hovers around 3 to 34 degrees Celsius.

The Madhab National Park is open every day from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. except on Mondays. You have to pay extra amount for your camera and car. The entry is limited to the nature lovers who purchase a ticket with 15 rupees. You must hire a guide spending 50 rupees. Willing tourists can hire a car as well to enjoy the trip across 25 km lands of the forest in 2 hours. Diesel cars, nevertheless, are not allowed to enter into the land of astonishment.

A number of observation towers would offer an enthralling spectacle of the forest. The ancient Gorge Castle, built by Jiwaji Rao Scindia to welcome the British king George V is a prime place where from you can enjoy the stunning sight of the ambling forest dwellers. The magnificence of the surrounding forest is spectacular. A museum has been set up midst of the forest very recently. The scenic beauty of the blessed land would fascinate one and all. The water of the Lake shines like a bright pearl with the last ray of sun in the evening. Wait on the banks of the River to watch a captivating sunset.

Spend a quality time sitting on the stunning banks of Saukhya Lake. The vista of the Lake and strolling denizens would definitely be able to uplift your spirit. 250 species of vivacious butterflies spread the color all over the area around the banks of the Lake. Winter is really special in this part of the world. Innumerable itinerant birds fly around the lingering valleys of the National Park. Common and uncommon denizens wander around to enjoy the nature to its fullest. Once in a while tourists can even take delight in the sight of crocodiles, swimming in the water of the delightful Lake. It’s a joy to watch these animals at the same place together. Eager and enthusiastic throng can ride on a boat to enjoy a close view of the aquatic animals.

The entire woodland enjoys the dark shades of the soaring trees, such as, Kardhai, Khoir, Solai, Palash and Tendu. Numerous deer, Boar, Shambars, flatfish, Nilgai, Chinkara, wolfs and many more indigenous inhabitants stroll from one corner of the forest to the other corner. The tiger safari (12 tigers) can be enjoyed across 140 hectors of well spread out woods.

Chattis, in the orchard of Scindia dynasty, located at a distance of 2 km from the bus stand, is a well lighted grove and is showcasing various types of colorful flowers. The astounding orchard resembles the sumptuousness of the primeval Mughal garden.

The shrine of the queen Saukhyaraje Scindia, on the wonderful banks of the Lake, exhibits an atypical style of pietradura architectures. A large number of pilgrims regularly flock to this particular shrine to dedicate attires and flowers. The Chattis, right at the front side of the shrine of the queen, built with marbles, is of Madho Rao. The commingling of Rajput and Mughal fine arts on the Shikara-type peak, Mina and Jafri architectural touches on the shrines are the specialties of this finicky Chattis. The significant art form on the silver door is a wonderful sight. 28*12 meters shrine looks splendid at night as it’s enlightened with bright lights. The nights are really special in the vicinity. A number of talented artists showcase their talents with their musical performances. They are famous for presenting the melodious tunes of Gwalior Genre.

The holy RadhaKrishna and divine SriRam temples, locate close to the shrine, are also drawing attention of the spiritual crowds.

The immolation ground, located adjacent to the Circuit House, built way back in 1957, is a memorial which is an evidence of ancient historical days. It was in the year 1857; British force had decided to strangle Tantia Topi, the rebellious patriot who had sacrificed his important life for the nation. To recall the old sad story, a commemorative was built in the close hinterland. It’s a quiet place for paying tribute to the great patriot.

The pink colored Madhav Vilas palace, the famous summer resort of Scindia dynasty, is an awe-inspiring monument of Shivpuri. The floor namely Mahal, Pillars, Premise and Ganapati Mandapam are noteworthy attractions. The minaret of the palace offers a pleasing sight around.

The stream of Suntangarh falls, on the way to Shivpuri, is coming down and is hitting the ground with its feral force. This is the stream of the untamed Parvati River. The places around the waterfall are really beautiful. It seems that it’s a well thought out creation of the almighty.

The spot namely Kuang Baba, about 10 km away from Shivpuri, is a wonderful manor where tigers come to quench their thirst.

Chanderi: The magical destination, called Chanderi, about 127 km away from Shivpuri in Guna district, was an interesting homeland of both Rajput and Malab dynasties. The ancient architectural flairs and stylishness are still prominently visible on the walls of the edifice.

Located at an altitude of 200 meters, atop the strategic vertical Khandar hill, the primeval fort was built during Mughal rule. It displays the magical Pathan architectures. It was a commemorative, built in 1445. It recollects the memories of the great win of Jaunpur of Mahmud Khilji.

Singhpur Mahal, built by the Bundel emperor Devi Singh, houses a rare archeological collection. A number of memorials of famous battles are scattered around the historic Badal Mahal Gate. Jama mosque on the peak of the dome is another allurement in the proximity. Old Madrasa, Sahzadi Ka Rauza, Parameshwar Talao, temple and chattis are the interesting and sought after places for the tourists who love to witness the opulence of the historical monuments.

The monument, built by Ghiyas Ud Din Shah in 1445, with 32 slopes, is marvelous. Chanderi is also a famous Jain pilgrimage. 55 holy temples, constructed during 9th- 10th centuries, are scattered in and around the old Chanderi town, about 8 km towards the northern side of the heart of the city. The charming sculptures and well maintained architectural designs of the temples are pulling crowds as well.

Situated at a distance of 28 km away from the city, Khubanji, is a reputed Jain pilgrimage spot which houses 16 divine Digambara Jain temples. The Khuni Darwaja, surrounded by soaring mountains and opaque forest, on the banks of the Lake, marks the entrance of these neighboring temples.

Chanderi, however, has gained its reputation today mainly for manufacturing quality items, such as, Brocade and Maslin.

Holiday makers who come from faraway places and want to stay overnight in Chanderi can stay at Tana Bana of MPTDC, Circuit House, Rest House, Hotel Srikunj, and many more ordinary hotels.
Shivpuri is well connected to Bhopal, Jhansi, Lalitpur, Sanchi and many more destinations by bus.

Sarwe: Hordes of holiday makers who are high on energy should drive to Sarwe, previously known as Saraswati Pattan, about 21 km from Shivpuri towards Jhansi. Excellent Indian Arya architectural touch on the walls of the temples, Riveting fort and ruins of other historical monuments are spotted in Sarwe. Among these famous monuments, the Math of Hindu saint is noteworthy. Besides the mentioned edifices, 3 hallowed temples are also there in Arthadhara. But, the sad part is, all these divine temples are in ruins now and are almost hidden in the darkness of woodland.

Buses connect Sarwe to Jhansi, Lalitpur and Indore. Bhopal, about 37 km away from Lalitpur, can be accessed from Lalitpur by railways.

Naroar: Naroar, about 41 km away from Shivpuri, on NH-3, was the capital of the Nal king, Nal Damayanti. The name of the town had been found in the pages of the Hindu epic, Mahabharata as well.
Naroar is famous in the vicinity due to the presence of the primeval fort, at a height of 500 feet. Naroar is spreading across the rambling area of 8 square km. The huge premise of the Naroar fort is wonderful but confusion is there regarding the name of the founder of the fort. Innumerable astonishing Mahals, Mosque, temples and Sarovar are the prime and foremost enticements of the fort. All these monuments, however, are in ruins now.

Karera: Another nearby place which deserves a visit is Karera Bird Sanctuary, about 45 km away from Shivpur, on NH- 25. We all know that the Indian Bastard Birds are endangered species and deserve a close surveillance. Karera sanctuary is popularly known as a famous homeland of these birds. The Karera fort, atop the petite tila, is worth seeing as well.
Karera is accessible from Shivpur and Jhansi by bus.

How to reach: Sivpur, about 112 km towards the south- western side of Gwalior, is accessible by bus from Gwalior, Bhopal, Indore, Agra, Ujjain, Delhi, Jhansi, Mumbai, Delhi and many more cities of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Hire a taxi for a comfortable and quick tour of Shivpur.

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