Maharashtra: Nagpur - A Travel Guide


Nagpur :

Visiting Season- October- February.

Season of Orange- March- May.

During mythological period, Nagpur was popularly known as Vidarbha. Located on the prolonged banks of the Nag River, Nagpur has slowly become a prime industrial city of Maharashtra. The name of the city had also been derived from the name of the River (Nag).

Positioned at an elevation of 312 meters, Nagpur looks mesmerizing when the trees all over the city get decorated in the season with oranges.

The city of Nagpur still exhibits plenty of historical evidences. Gondo tribal communities used to enjoy their ruling power here in Nagpur during 10th century. The city was later on during 15th century was captured by the emperors of Bahmani dynasty but not for many days. Gondo communities again recaptured the city. Later on, when emperors of Bhonsle dynasty were ruling the city, a devastating fire burnt their palace or fort. But, surprisingly and thankfully no damage was done to the enamoring Jalsaghar of the palace.

Hire a Rickshaw or an auto to watch the interesting tourists’ spots, such as, Maharaja Baug/ zoo, central museum, council hall of red bricks (1912-13), cathedral 91851), High court (1937-42), Raj Bhawan, Bhonsle Palace, Bhonsle Chattis, Gandhisagar (more than 200 years old), Sati Mandir (temple), Sarabeshwara temple and Sankar Mochan Temple. A grand idol of Mahadev is located right at the heart of the city.

The historical Sitabuldi fort is located on two adjoining tiny hills both of which are referred to as twins. Erected in 1818 the ancient fort has, however, now become a barrack. Even though general public are not allowed to access the fort, but they can enjoy its appeal and sumptuousness on 26th January and on 15th August. To watch cenotaphs of British empire, tourists’ have to take a walk to the Civil Lines, located towards the north- west side of Sitabuldi hill. Interested tourists can even catch a glimpse of the Nagarkhana of the fort.

Nagzira Tiger Reserve, about 133 km away from Nagpur towards Jabalpur, is one of the very few well maintained Tiger Reserves of India. Besides tigers, bison, panthers, antelopes, and mouse deer freely stroll in and around the forest which is full of various medicinal plants. Rare and atypical species of colorful butterflies and very own beers of Nagzira love their homeland which entirely enjoys dark and gloomy shades of towering Sal, Segun, Simul, Shishu and Arjun trees. If you want to catch a glimpse of these untamed animals, then it’s always recommended to hire a guide alongside.

Tourists along with their family members can stay at the VIP guest Home, on the banks of the Chulbandh Lake in Nilaya. Apart from that, Log hut and Youth Hostel are there as well.

The fascinating Chulbandh Lake is the sustenance of the entire green manor of the Tiger Reserve. Nigzira WLS, spread across 134 square km of lands around the artificial Lake, is wonderfully surrounded by seven hills or Sat Bahini. It is a heavenly paradise for all the bird watchers. You have to go 9 km inside the woodland to visit its core terrain.

Jawaharlal Nehru National Park : Click here for information on Jawaharlal Nehru National Park

Tourists can avail a narrow gauge train to Dalgaon railway station from Nagpur. Nawegaon is just 4 km away from Dalgaon railway station. But, it’s advisable to hire a jeep from Nagpur to Nawegaon and Nagzira during April- May for a comfortable trip.

About 22 km away towards the north- eastern side of the city of Nagpur, the Dragon Palace Buddha Temple in Kamthi, pulls Buddhists from all over the world these day.

Hordes of holiday makers, who love to watch the structures and architectural flairs of religious places and temples, should not think twice before visiting Adasa, about 45 km away from Nagpur. The place houses a number of holy temples. Besides monolithic Ganapati, Shiva is also residing on the hilltop in Adasa.

How to reach Nagpur: Nagpur is a prominent railway station on the map of Indian Railways. Hence, it is well connected to different parts of India, such as, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmadabad, Porbandar, Chennai, Varanasi, Bangalore, Jabalpur, Secunderabad, Vishakhapatnam, Bhopal, Indor, Kanyakumari etc by trains. Buses travel from Amravati, Nasik, Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Allahabad and Many more destinations of North- east- west India to Nagpur.

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