Maharashtra: Nanded - A Travel Guide



The holy pilgrimage of Sikh communities, Nanded, is located on the banks of the Godavari River and is recalling the memories of Guru Govind Singh, the last (10th) Guru of Sikh community. About 1 ½ km away from the railway station, the consecrated Sachkhand Gurdwara, made up of white marbles was erected by Ranjit Singh in 1837. It resembles the pretty structure of the Golden Temple. This holy Sikh pilgrimage is one of the 5 renowned takhts, the temporal seat of power or throne of authority in Sikhism. Besides a golden sword, golden dagger, bow-arrow, a number of other commemoratives are there in the hallowed Gurdwara.

The festival of Hola, celebrated on the very next day of Holi, is pulling crowds in abundance.

Apart from the prime and most important divine Gurdwara, four other righteous Gurdwaras, such as, Nagina Ghat Sahib, Hira Ghat Sahib, Sangat Sahib and Shikar Ghat Sahib, are scattered around as well. Buses start from Sachkhand Gurdwara carry innumerable devotees to all four of these well known divine Gurdwaras nearby.

Pilgrims can enjoy their stay and foods in each of these Gurdwaras. However, hundreds of rooms with nice decorations are available in Sachkhand Gurdwara for the devotees who assemble here. Marwari Dharamsala at Bhujiabad is also very popular to tourists.

Nanded was also known as a Hindu pilgrimage previously. The divine paradise of Nanded was the birth place of many saints. The name of the spot was Naodandi during that period.

Mahur, the birth place of Sri Dattatreya, can be accessed easily by bus from Nanded. Plenty of holy temples and ancient forts in Mahur draw attention of huge numbers of pilgrims.

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How to reach Nanded: Nanded is well connected to various parts of India by railway networks. Nanded is easily accessible from Aurangabad, Mumbai, Amritsar, Pune, Nizamabad, Secunderabad, Ajmer and Jaipur by trains. Buses ply regularly to Nanded from Pune and Aundh.

Where to stay at Nanded: Few noteworthy hotels in Nanded are Hotel Anuradha Palace, Hotel J K, Apsara, Deepak, Rajesh, Hotel Amber and Dharamsala. A number of other privately owned hotels are there in Nanded as well. Check our hotel booking links below for photos, rates, options and online bookings.

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