Maharashtra: Pench Tiger Reserve, Mansar and Ramtek - A Travel Guide


Pench Tiger Reserve: Pench Tiger Reserve is spread across the states of both Maharashta and Madhya Pradesh along the banks of the Pench River, on the NH-7. The water stream of the Pench River flows from north to south through the green manor of the Reserve.

The Pench Tiger Reserve, however, is popularly known as Indira Priyadarshini Pench National Park. It’s quite obvious that the Tiger Reserve has derived its name from the name of the River.

Swarms of tourists can assemble on the premise of the Tiger Reserve to watch the green façade of nature during 1st November to 30th June every year. The Tiger Reserve, nevertheless, remains close during July to October. Along with the entry fee, you have to pay money to carry camera and guide alongside. For a different experience all together ride on an elephant and get inside the forest territory.

Pench should be accessed through Mansar- Khawasa- Turia from Ramtek. Khawasa, about 80 km away from Nagpur, can be accessed by bus in 2 ½ hours. Pench Tiger Reserve is easily accessible from Khawasa and Turia.

To watch the delightful nature for some time, you have to stay overnight at Pench. Few noteworthy names of hotels in and around Pench are Kipling Court, Resort, Mogli Den, Pench Jungle Camp, Bagh Bon, Forest Bungalow and Bison Retreat.

Pench forest, covering a rambling 757 square km of territory, had received the honor of sanctuary in 1977. Getting the honor of being the National Park was another feather which was added to its crown in 1983. It is 19th Tiger Reserve, formed under Project Tiger Scheme in November, 1992. The core area of the National Park, however, is spread across 411 square km.

More than 50 tigers amble freely around the woodlands and enjoy the shelter of Segun, Mahua, Palash and Amaltas trees. Various rare and atypical species of leopards, leopard cats, shambars, nilgais, gaurs and many more natural denizens take pleasure in natural environs around as well. More than 210 species of vivacious birds make this spot a sought after destination for the throng of bird watchers.

Ramtek :

As like many other cities of India, Ramtek, about 42 km away towards the north- eastern side of Nagpur, a number of mythological tales have been associated with.

Completely covered with greenery, small hillocks of Ramtek, are the magnets of Ramtek. Dotted lakes, fort and ancient temples are the crowd pullers of Ramtek. The name of Ramtek had been derived from the name of the Hindu mythological character, Sri Ram. The destination for the devotees, Ramtek, is popularly known to the mass as Garh Mandir. The city once was famous as Tapagiri as well.

It is believed that the Indian saints, Agastya and Shambuka, had appeared on the holy premise of Ramtek. Inhabitants of the city still recall the memories of these saints and ancient mythological tales attached to them.

It is believed that the natural surroundings of Ramtek had moved Kalidas, the Sanskrit writer. Getting inspired by the natural splendor of Ramtek, Kalidas had written Meghdutam. A commemorative of Kalidas, erected on the land of Ramtek, is carrying the old reminiscent. The place looks mesmerizing at night when the entire territory gets adorned with shimmering lights.

Located at a lower acclivity, on the banks of the Sarovar, the very old and singular fort is standing tall for many years. It was erected during the ruling period of Vakataka dynasty. These emperors ruled the city with respect during 4-6 centuries.

The fortification was constructed for the first time by Raghoji 1st, the first Bonsle king of Nagpur, during 1740 in the temple complex of the “hill of Ramah”. The temple complex comprises of 27 contiguous consecrated temples and follows the traditions of Brahmanical, the holy power which is the source and sustainer of the Universe. The temple complex can be accessed crossing a staircase. Some of these temples were built long back during 4th century and showcase very old architectural touches. Among most prominent temples and monuments in this complex, people are attracted towards the Ram-Sita-Lakshman temple and the Agastya Ashram. The fair, organized at the end of the month of November, is a prime festival in the propinquity.

Kindsi Sagar (about 7 km away from Ramtek) and Ram Sagar are located amidst an agreeable natural locale. Tourists would be able to enjoy an entire day taking pleasure in well organized water sports here.

Located at a distance of 6 km away from Ramtek, the discovered array of Jain temples was constructed during the epoch of Bhonsle emperors. These temples not only demonstrate the prominent cultural backgrounds of Jain communities but also exemplify a class-apart architectural touch. A nearby divine Kali temple draws attention of the spiritual crowds and tourists as well.

Mansar, a contiguous tourists’ spot, is situated at a distance of 7 km towards the northern corridor of Ramtek. On the way to Mansar, tourists generally take a break to catch a glimpse of Bodhisattva Nagarjuna cenotaph and library, both of which are not more than 1 km away from Mansar.

An excavation here had confirmed the existence of the Nagardhan Fort.

If the hard stones of the surrounding hills are broken here, then you would be able to see a red color. This is one of the most interesting things of Ramtek hills.

Devotees who are tainted with sins have to come 1500 meters down from the hill top to the Ambala Lake and take a dip to eradicate their sins. Apart from that, hordes of holiday makers congregate here to get rid of their diseases.

The popular and hallowed Trivikrama Krishna Temple, positioned on the northern hilly slope, has an appeal to the groups of pilgrims. A lot of devotees assemble here on the banks of the Lake and stroll around the attention-grabbing lake.

The Ramgiri hill in Gandhi Chowk, about 2 km away from the bus stand of Ramtek, can be climbed up crossing 500 stair ways. This place can be accessed by hiring an auto from Ramtek.

How to Reach Ramtek: Ramtek railway station is the end way station of the Nagpur- Ramtek branch railways. A number of trains are regularly travelling to Ramtek from Nagpur. Buses ply to Ramtek from Jabalpur and Nagpur as well.

Where to stay at Ramtek: Holiday Resort MTDC, Rest House of Irrigation department, Hotel Ramgiri, Hotel Rajkamal Resort, Sree Ram Lodge and Yatrinivas.

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