Maharashtra: Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve - A Travel Guide


Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve

Season: November- June

Best time to watch denizens: Evening and dawn during summers.

Located towards the north- eastern side of Maharashtra, the Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve can be accessed from Andhra and Madhya Pradesh as well. The “Land of Tiger” is located at a distance of 45 km and 164 km away from Chandrapur and Wardha respectively. The office of the forest department is situated at the entrance of the opaque forest. The museum of the forest department is positioned adjacent to the office. It is mandatory to cross the second lock gate, Moharli by 7:30 p.m. The forest bungalow is 5 km away from Khatora Gate which is not more than 7 km away from Moharli.

The Tadoba National Park, covering a rambling 116.45 square km, is located at an altitude of 300-350 meters of Western Ghat hill range. Placed midst of tranquil and peaceful natural environs, the Tadoba National Park enjoys heavenly shades of soaring and swaying teak and bamboo foliage. The entire territory of Tadoba was later on added to 508.85 square km of land of Andheri National Park and formed the Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve.

Well spread out across a straggling 625.35 square km of terrain, the riveting Tiger Reserve has 42 tigers. This prolonged tropical forest is there around a colossal water body, deep inside the virgin woodlands. Segun, Shirish, Mahua and palash trees are giving maximum protection to the natural denizens, such as, tigers, leopards, panthers, Gaurs, Nilgais, Shambars, Chital deer, Langur, Hyena, 4 horned antelopes, deer and bison. Minibuses and jeeps run inside the forest through the slender roads with the swarms of nature lovers to show them a startling sight of nature and strolling natural denizens. Interested tourists can arrange their own cars and start their own forest safaris. To watch the astonishing cosmos and ambling animals closely, you can take a walk along with a guide. The doorway to enter into the forest is closed on Tuesdays.

Natural denizens walk slowly to the banks of the Lake to quench their thirsts during summers. 29 salt licks are dotted around the forest terrain. Crocodiles and turtles freely swim in the water of the entrancing lake. Various known and unknown species of birds build their nests on the towering trees on the Lake banks. You would consider yourself lucky if you can catch a glimpse of Python in the dim forest. Migratory birds spread colors in the nature during winters. Platforms which have been constructed in the forest give tourists an opportunity to watch the denizens of the forest and to enjoy the delightful natural environs. During November- December tourists would be able to catch a glimpse of numerous other animals apart from Gaurs.

The temperature in winters doesn’t go down that much. Hence, the weather in winters is pleasing.

Temples, such as, Achaleshwar, Mahakali, Murlidhar and shrines of Gondo emperors are there on the premise of Chandrapura.

How to reach: Chandrapur is the nearest railway station of the Tiger Reserve. Chandrapur, the gateway of the Tiger Reserve, is well connected to Nagpur, Wardha, Akola and Amravati by bus. Chandrapur can also be accessed by train from Delhi, Chennai, Nagpur and Sevagram by train.

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