Maharashtra: Vajreshwari Hot Spring - A Travel Guide


Vajreshwari Hot Spring: Unique and singular Ambareshwar temple, constructed way back in 1060, is connected to Kalyan both by bus and by railway network. The holy Ambareshwar temple, made up of black stones, depict the excellent and patent architectural touch of south India. The carvings of this temple are eye catching.

People who love ambience of villages and like to watch the cultures of villages, can travel to the three adjoining villages namely Akloli, Vajreshwari and Ganeshpuri. Don’t miss the opportunity to amble around and watch 21 hot springs here. The water of these hot springs has a curative power to heal arthritis and skin diseases due to the presence of sulfur in water. The Akloli village proudly houses the hottest water spring of the world. A lot of people take bath in the water of the modern bathroom, built especially for the tourists and patients here.

The very old and hallowed Sri Rameshwar Mahadev temple is positioned near the hot spring of Akloli village. Ram-Lakshman-sita hot spring is placed at the opposite side of the temple. The temperatures of water of all these hot springs differ.

About 1.5 km away from the hot spring, Bassein fort, carries a lot of historical evidences. After winning this historical monument, Chimanji Appa, had erected a righteous temple nearby in 1700. A lot of devotees still assemble on the premise of this temple to pay their tributes to Bajirabai Mata. It is due to the name of the deity, the place is popularly known as Vajreshwari. The holy place becomes a sought after destination for many during the month of Chaitra (According to the Hindu calendar year) as the entire place enjoys the festivity of Chaitra Purnima (The Full moon) during this time of the year.

Shrines and Ashram of Sadguru Nityanad Maharaj and Muktanand Maharaj pull crowds towards Ganeshpuri. Interested tourists and devotees can enjoy their stay in the rooms of the Ashram.

The neighboring Mandagni hill once was a volcanic hill. It is believe that Parasurama, an incarnation of Vishnu, had visited Mahendragiri of Konkan valley through Mandagni hill. To recollect the old mythological tale of Parasurama, a temple of Parasurama had been constructed here.

How to reach Vajreshwar: Located at a distance of 41.6 km away from the Vasai road railway station, Vajreshwari Hot Spring, can be accessed by bus from the Vasai road station and from Kalyan. Tourists who want to visit the Vajreshwari Hot Spring can travel by train to Kalyan. It is situated at a distance of 86 km away from Mumbai. Special Government bus services are available on holidays to Vajreshwar and Bassein fort from Mumbai. For a comfortable trip, it’s not a bad idea to buy tickets and ride on this bus.

Where to stay at Vajreshwar: Holiday Resort of MTDC and K T Hill Resort. Check our hotel booking links below for photos, rates, options and online bookings.

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