Manipur - Moirang or Loktak Lake near Imphal, the Capital of Manipur


Loktak or Moirang, located at a distance of 45 km from Imphal, is one of the prime attractions for the tourists. Loktak Lake has a lot of dotted islands. Small gardens (Fumdi) on these islands embellish the Lake. Khambar-Thoibi dance form is famous and is followed widely. Visit the ancient Thangjing temple during May to witness the spirituality and be a part of the very trendy fair of the city. The cultural city houses the historic main office of Ajad Hind Fouj or Indian National Army, built by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. The army had fought hard and helped the city to enjoy the independence for three months. To enlighten the sacrifices of the soldiers of the old battle, Indian Peace Museum was built. A commemorative of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was built at the opposite side of the museum to salute his contributions towards the freedom fight of India. The Indian flag was lifted on the 14th April, 1944 for the fist time in India. The very old idol of Subhash Chandra Bose was destroyed by the anti socials but the new idol built in 1993 is an allurement in the propinquity. The museum had a rich library along with the memorials of Netaji and Indian National Army.

Bus services are available to the museum from Imphal. Plan a trip to Loktak and come back to Imphal after seeing Vishnupur on the same day. Hiring a car to Loktak from Imphal will cost you 1000 rupees.

The view of Loktak Lake from Sendra Island, about 3 km from Loktak, will offer you an overwhelming vista. This is the largest Lake of sweet water in north-east India. The 2 meters deep Lake is spreading over a rambling terrain of 13*27 km which increases to 103 square km in rainy season. But the area of the Lake is now 289 square km due to the installation of a dam. Spend your time in the beautiful cosmos. Enjoy fishing, and boating with your loved ones. During November-March the branches of the adjoining trees become the nests of the indigenous and migratory birds. Apart from the birds, Shanghais also reside and survive on the islands of the Lake. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Islands and if you are lucky enough then you can watch the wild animals swimming and collecting foods in the Lake.

Frequent buses are connecting the place to the main city and Imphal. You can visit and come back to the city on the same day.

Keibul Lamjao National Park, situated at a distance of 5 km from Sendra and located towards the south-west side of Loktak Lake, is the only floating island of the world. In 1966 the park has got the status of the sanctuary while in 1977 it has got the recognition of the national park. The park houses 146 near extinct species of Shanghais (Thamin). All of them are the inhabitants of the jungle, located adjacent to the hills but in winters they stroll around the areas of the Fumdi. Boar, Wild beer, and panthers are the other dwellers of the National Park. Winter is the best time for you if you like to watch wild animals ambling in the Park. The temperature of the Park is 41 degree Celsius in summers.

Phubala tourist complex, and Sendra Tourist Home are the places where you can stay at.
You can also stay at Imphal and cover these places from there. Refer to our Hotel booking links below.

State tourism organizes packaged tours which are good options for a worriless and comfortable trip. Ethai barrage and Loktak Hydro Power project are the other initiatives taken to improve the economical and social state of north-eastern part of Manipur. But it is the hard luck of the tourists that the scenic beauty of the Loktak Lake is not the same anymore. Rather the Lake has now become a reservoir of the barrage.
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