Manipur - Ukhrul, Moreh and other Places Near Imphal for Tourists


Moreh, about 110 km from Imphal, located at the border of India and Myanmar, is well known for its riveting natural locale. Pyallel on the way to Moreh had enjoyed the independence for the first time for the fighting spirit of Indian Nationa Army.

Thangajam, about 18 km off Pyallel, is a historic destination where Major General Paon had lost his life in a war against the British in 1891. To remember his sacrifice, on 23rd April every year Thangajam organizes Thangajam day.

The city of Tamu, about 5 km away from Thangajam, located in Myanmar, has a market where Chinese and Thai items are sold in nominal rates. Take permission for one day trip to Tamu from Indian Immigration Booth.

Share taxis and buses are available to Moreh from Imphal. Hotel Nataraj, Hotel Shiva Shnakar and Dharmasala are available where you can stay overnight at Moreh.

Once upon a time Kanchipur was the capital of Manipur. The renowned Manipur University, on the way to Myanmar from India, situated in Kanchipur, attracts a large number of students for its effectual and popular education systems.

The sub divisional city is carrying the memories of Buddha and is famous to the Buddhist pilgrims. Thoubal is situated on the way to Myanmar from India can be accessed by bus from Imphal.

The small historical city recalls the memories of the battles between Manipur and Myanmar.

Kaina, about 29 km towards the north-east side of Imphal, situated at an elevation of 921 meters, is a small hillock and pilgrimage spot for Vaishnavites (A sect of Hindu community). According to an epiphany of Sri Sri Govindaji, the king Jai Singh had carved a temple of Sri Govindaju on a jackfruit plant. The place looks really beautiful in the serenity of Jackfruit trees.

Buses are going to Kaina frequently from Imphal.

Kaina Tourist Home is the only available option for you where you can stay overnight.

The wonderful hill station, Ukhrul, about 71 km away from Imphal, is located at a height of 6000 feet. The weather is like Simla, a renowned hill station of India. Blooming lily flowers are the forte of the hillock. Tangkhul Naga communities are the indwellers of Ukhrul. Christian Naga communities are the experts in the war front. Christmas is the best time to visit Ukhrul for the celebrations. Enjoy the beautiful road to Ukhrul from Imphal.

Ardent tourists can visit the nearby kanghui cave.

Buses are available from Imphal to Ukhrul regularly.
PWD IB is the only hotel where you can stay in Ukhrul.

Kanchup, the health resort, about 16 km towards the southern side of Imphal, is located at an elevation of 921 meters. The scenic beauty of the hillock is marvelous.

Buses and taxis are going to Kanhchup from Imphal.

PWD IB is the only available option for a night stay.

Mao is situated on the Imphal-Dimapur national high way. The height of the hill station is 1788 meters and it is 106 km away from Imphal. Mao naga communities are the residents of the place. The weather is really nice for a short trip. Enjoy the spectacle of the hillock to the fullest and if you are lucky you can even touch the clouds.

The spectacular town, situated at a distance of 60 km from Imphal, is one of the famous cultural and business hubs of Manipur. Kuku communities are the indwellers of Churachandpur. Handicrafts of the town are impressive.

Tonglan cave, about 32 km off Churachandpur, is an imperative attraction. A large number of animals live in that cave.

Khuga valley is another attractive destination.

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