Meghalaya, the abode of the clouds, had got the status of the 21st Indian state in 1972. The elevation of Meghalaya varies from 1200 to 1965 meters.

The beautiful state looks like a creation of the God for its diversified flora and fauna in two of its National parks (Nokrek and Baloakram N P) and wild life sanctuaries (Nongkhyllem and Siju W L S). Fascinating opaque forests, greeneries on the slopes of the hills, uncultivated rivers, and colorful groves of orchids adorn the state. The variety of vegetations and fauna in the rich forests are the enticements for the nature lovers. 300 species of orchids are present in the valleys of Meghalaya.

Khasi, Jayantiya, Garo are the indwellers reside in the foothills of Khasi, Jayantiya and Garo hills. Mother tongues of each of these communities are different but all of them write in English or Roman scripts. Garo communities used to believe in human sacrifices earlier. Monolithic pillars were built on the roadsides of Cherapunji to remember the deceased ancestors of Garo community. People belong to Jayantiya community live on the eastern lands of the Jowai hills. Jayantiya communities are the predecessors of the Mongolian community. They love the aroma of flowers and also garnish their homes with bright and lively flowers. The vibrant and friendly people of Jayantiya community like to sing and dance along with the family members and friends. They respect women and women are the driving force for the society. Nevertheless the men are home sick.

Enjoy the fascinating fiesta for 5 days, observed during October- November in Smitt village, about 15 km away from Silang (Meghalaya). The forte of the carnival is the Nangkrem, a special dance form of the Khasi (Tribal) community. Apart from Nangkrem, Shad Suk Mynsiem, Wangala, Laho and Bahedeinkhlam are the other attractive festivals celebrated in Meghalaya. Pork fried rice and idly are their favorite foods.

The one and only road that connects Meghalaya to the plains is passing through Guwahati. Silang is the capital of Meghalaya. The state is surrounded by Goyalpada and Kamrup district in the north, Kachar district in the east, Maymansingha and Sillet districts of Bangladesh in the south.

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