Meghalaya: Cherrapunji


At an altitude of 1300 meters, located at a distance of 54 km off Shillong, Cherrapunji, is a sought after destination away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This is the homeland of Khasi community. The ancient church, built by British, is not there anymore but the newly constructed and decorated church surely deserves a visit.

The city lifestyle displays the artistic cultures and educational values. Cherrapuji is famous for its cave, coal, gardens of oranges and honey. The populace is staying around the happening cherrabazaar.

The trip of Cherrapunji from Shillong can be completed on the same day but due to the scarcity of local buses, it is wise to avail a conducted tour to Cherrapunji, organized by MTDC.

The tract hidden by the shades of pines will take you to Cherrapunji through Maojang, Nimpo, Saisopen and Maoflang. Take a glimpse of tall green mountains on the way to Cherrapunji. The matchless wonder of the road along with the alarming deep valleys at the roadside must fascinate you.     

This is the wettest spot of the world. During the month of July, Cherrapunji experiences most of its rain falls. Previously the place used to enjoy continuous rain falls but due to the change of climate, the place doesn’t experience the same amount of rainfalls anymore. The place didn’t lose its tourist interest for that reason though. 


                                                                                                 Khasi Hills

     Khasi Hills


Mousinram, located at the southern slopes of Khasi pahar or Khasi hills, about 55 km away from Shillong, has recorded the highest amount of rain falls. Mysterious Shiva lingam, formed by stalagmite stone, in the ancient and mysterious cave, is the spectacular spectacle of Mousinram. The Shiva lingam gets water on its head throughout the year. The history of the wonderful cave amidst the woodlands is still unknown. The exact length and depth of the cave is also not yet identified. Arguably, the cave has a secret link with the Siju cave of Garo hills. The beautifully placed monolithic pillars at the entrance will give you an impression that the cave is embellished by someone. Bend and walk one and half km from the doorway into the dark cave where rocks of different sizes are dotted. The thrilling walk will please ardent tourists. You have to buy a ticket to see the attractive cave.

In 1931, the Ramkrishna Mission Ashram was shifted from Sela to Cherrapunji, located at a distance of 1 km from Cherrabazaar. More than 500 students are taught in this higher secondary ashram. Apart from its education centre, handicrafts centre, selling centre and guest house are also there. You can access the ashram between 12 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Mousmai waterfalls or Noh-sngithing falls, the fourth tallest in the world, about 2 km towards the southern side of the Cherrapunji circuit house, attracts tourist for its natural charm. A number of streams are coming down from a height of 2000 feet. In rainy season the falls look ferocious but marvelous. At the right hand side of the falls, Silet, a place of Bangladesh, is located.

The looks of the adjoining Noh-Kalikai falls are out of the world. It has created a Lake of blue and transparent water at the lower valley. Colorful butterflies and various species of orchids on the gorge create a very soothing sight.
Kynrem falls, located at a distance of 10 km from Cherrapunji towards selar, is the tallest falls of Meghalaya. The plummeting water streams look lovely when the sun lights are contemplated on the transparent water. 
Interested tourists can also visit Presbyterian Church and enjoy the beautiful natural milieu around the nearby Dain Thlen Falls.

Buy the famous honey of Cherrapunji from Cherrabazaar. Even though foods are available in Cherrabazar but it is wise to carry foods along with you.

Ranicore, on the banks of Jadukota, located at a distance of 140 km from Shillong, is another stunning place for nature lovers. Holiday makers can spend their quality time here by enjoying water sports and fishing.

How to reach: Bus services are available to Cherrapunji and Mousinram from Shillong. For a comfortable journey, you should hire a car from Guwahati or Shillong.

Where to stay: Orchid Hotel, Cherrapunji Holiday Resorts and Coniferous Resort. Check our hotel booking links below for more options.
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