Meghalaya: Jaintia Hills


Jowai, located at an elevation of 1380 meters, about 65 km towards the east of Sillong hills, is the head quarter of Kaintia district. Gaze at the majestic vista around the Jowai plateau. It is a congested city though.  Language can create a bigger problem for the tourists because the inhabitants are only comfortable in their local dialects.  
Not many hotels are available there in Jowai. A very ordinary hotel, Hotel Broadway, is there near to the bus stand.
Buses and taxis are connecting Jowai to Sillong and Silchar regularly.

Thadlaskein Lake, about 56 km from Shillong, is not very popular for its pleasant cosmos but for its historical values. Picnic and outing lovers should come here to spend the whole day on the banks of the Lake.
Take the pleasure in the calm and quiet environment around and stay at the nearby Orchid Inn. If you visit the place during the month of July then you will be counted in the lucky lot who can enjoy the ethnic Jaintia festival, Behdein Khlam. Colorful dancing and traditional music fascinate the tourists. The magic of tribal amusements coupled with their time-honored sports have a special charm.

One of the well known pilgrimage spots, Nartiyang, about 65 km from Shillong, stands majestically towards the northern plateau of Jowai. The occasion of human sacrifice on the premise of the very old Jayanteshwari temple, adjacent to the palace of Jaintia kings, was an observed Hindu Ritual. It is believed that the Jaintia deity, U Mar Phalyngki, resides on the carved Monolithic Pillar which is engraved on the hills. Visit the hot spring and Nartiyang from Jowai on the same day but it is wise to stay at Jowai or Nartiyang.

Garampani or the hot spring, located at a distance of 58 km from Jowai towards Halflong, is suppressed under the man-made Lake which was shaped because of the installed dam on the River Kapili.
If you are interested to see the highest Hydel Power Project of India then stay overnight at Umrangso which lies at a distance of 6 km from the Hot spring. The project plant is covering a rambling area of 19 km.
Buses are going to Umrangso from Jowai in three and half hours.

Where to stay: Hotel Lily and Hotel Pubali, Inspection Bungalow of KHEPA and tourist lodge of Assam tourism which are located in the beautiful natural backdrop of Jaintia hills, are the options. You can also try our hotel booking links below.

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