Mizoram (Mi means human, Jo means highland and ram means nations) has 3
districts. The average height of Mizoram is 900 meters but the height rises to
to 2000 meters at the border of Myanmar and Mizoram. Mizoram is surrounded by
Assam in the north, Manipur in the North-east, Myanmar in the south-east, Tripura
and Bangladesh in the west. The backward community called Lu are the inhabitants of
Mizoram. Mizo, Pawi, Lakher and Chakma are the communities living here in Mizoram
as well. Independent Lusais (Lu) are very tough and brave worriers. The British
government had also learnt their lesson when they went into war with them. The
war of the habitants of Mizoram against the Indian Government for the separate and
own state was successful in 1987 when Mizoram got separated from Assam and had
got the status of the 23rd state in India.

It is a state with fascinating natural settings and youthful culture. There is no
comparison of natural beauty of Mizoram. But there is an evident problem of drinking
water. They reserve the rain water for future use. Mizoram is very rich for its dark
and virgin forests. One third of Mizoram is covered by woodlands. More than 1000
species of medicinal plants are growing in the slopes of heaving hills of Mizoram.
Mizoram exports ginger worldwide. Mizoram is full of atypical species of orchids and
blooming flowers. Mizoram is also known as “Botanist’s Paradise”. Besides 300 types
of butterflies and numerous birds, varieties of budding flowers are the additional
enticements of Mizoram. Mizoram was also very rich and colorful because of the
near extinct culture of the backward communities.

Previously Mizoram had one war campaign or Zawlbuk in every village like Nagaland.
These zawlbuk used to teach the local youth how to fight in the war front. The
riveting architectures on the walls and fences of the homes are prominent. Previously
most of the Mizo homes and furniture were built with bamboo trees.
The bamboo dance of Mizoram has become a wonderful and fascinating occasion of

Inner Line Permit is mandatory to get into the state. But if you are Indian then
getting the permission is not very difficult.

Soft and polite Mizos are fond of the western culture and traditions. They can take
very good care of their guests. 84% of the people living in Mizoram are Christians
and they worship Mother Mary and Lord Jesus. Mizo is their language and they write
roman scripts. But chakma community, residing at the border of Bangladesh, speaks
Bengali and follows Buddha religion. They worship Ganga, Lakhsmi and Sugolong.
People of Mizoram love their music. Mizo girls dance in their traditional form of
dancing called Cheraw with an ethnic music and instrument. People of Mizoram
celebrate 3 festivals in a year. Chheihlam dance is also very popular among them.
Ju, a type of local alcohol, is a must in every occasion. The nearest railway station
and airport both are situated at Silchar.

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