Mizoram: Aizawl


On the banks of Tlawang and tuirial rivers, the diminutive and picture perfect city
Aizawl, the Capital of Mizoram, is located. The city is spreading on the inclined surface of the hills and the
highest point of the city is located at an elevation of 1132 meters. The population of
the city is 1, 50,000. The city welcomes its guests with its arms wide open. People of
Aizol are fond of non-vegetarian foods.

It’s not only Lusai and Mizo, all the other communities of Mizoram were boorish
and superstitious. Since 1894, the social boundaries along with their culture have
changed altogether due to the existence of British Missionaries in Mizoram. They are
now well behaved and lead their lives differently.

The women of the city take the responsibility to control the transport which is
generally a rare scene in India. City buses and taxis are the available vehicles in the
city. Bananas, Passion-fruit and papayas are common fruits in the shops of Aijal.
People of Mizoram always prefer colorful western clothes.

Smoking pipe, Mizo cap Lakhum, and handcrafts can be bought from Aijal.

Durtlang hills, located atop the Chandmari and the ancient Sibaji tila are the places
of interests. Walk down to the different corners of the city to witness the fascinating
natural environs. Zoological garden, Rajbhawan (situated at the top of the circuit
house), assembly house, Government offices, Transport office are the hot and
coveted destinations of Aijal. Recall the memories of the Second World War and
watch the shrines of the soldiers who had lost their lives in the battle against the

Enjoy the colorful vista of the sunset from the gorge of Aijal. Mizoram state museum,
located at the McDonald hill and the Gospel church, positioned at the opposite side of
the state museum should also be seen.

KVI handloom & Handicraft Sales Emporium, ZOKHANDO Sales Emporium and SIFCO
Sales museum are the renowned shops where from you can collect some patent
handcrafts items of Mizoram.

Bung and Paikha, situated on the way to the Aijal airport, are two appealing and
wonderful places for picnic and outing lovers.

The mild weather of Lunglei, located at a distance of 235 km from Aijal, attracts a
large number of tourists. The place is famous for its beautiful natural milieu. Observe
the culture and ethnicity of the backward communities in Lunglei.

Labang, located at a distance of 85 km from Lunglei, at the border of India-
Bangladesh and saiha, about 143 km away from Lunglei, situated at the border of
India-Burma are other nearby interesting destinations.

IB, Tourist Lodge and some private hotels are there in Saiha for a night stay.

If you are interested to see and buy Burmese items then you should visit Champhai,
about 194 km off Aijal.

Tourist lodge of state tourism of Mizoram and Hotel Holiday Home are two notable
hotels in Champhai.

The road from Champhai to Lunglei is really beautiful. Enjoy the natural beauty
along with the biggest River of Mizoram, Chimtuipui. Hire a car from Sinha and visit
Fhawaingpu, at the foothills of Blue Mountain.

Dampa tiger sanctuary covers an area of 500 square km and has 5 tigers in its
territory. The Mizoram tourism could not promote the sanctuary as a sought after
tourist destination due to the communication problems. Gibbon, Snow Loris, Leaf
monkeys, Squirrel, elephants, leopard and burking deer are the denizens of the

An ordinary guest house is there in Dampa.

You can also visit Vantawang water falls, located at a distance of 137 km from
Aijal, which is one of the most important destinations of Aizawl. The streams of the
water falls are coming down from a height of 750 feet. The scenic beauty of the
surrounding places is truly charming.

Stay at the nearby hill station, Thenzawl, about 5 km from Vantawang water falls.
The only available option here is a Tourist Lodge with 9 rooms.

Tamdil Lake, located at a distance of 83 km from Aijal, is another attractive
destination of Mizoram. The largest lake of Mizoram is encircled by a number of hills.
Take a boat ride for refreshment. Deer, beer and pigs are the natural habitants of
the forest of Shal, bamboo and banana. Get the pleasure in the surrounding natural
settings from the top of the view point of the adjoining lover’s point. Thenzawl is
popularly known in the vicinity as a centre of handicrafts. Savor the taste of boil fish,
a well known food in the locality.

Saitual tourist lodge in Saitual, about 7 km away from Thenzwal, is the only place
where you can stay overnight.

How to reach:
Trains from Howrah railway station, Kolkata are going to Silchar, the nearest
railway station of Mizoram. You can also travel by air to Aijal. The route is nice but
irregularity of flights is a problem. It is better to go to Silchar airport from Kolkata
airport. Silchar is connected to Aijal by bus. Even though buses are available always
but it’s prudent to avail the morning bus service to enjoy the scenic beauty of the
contiguous places.

Where to stay:
Circuit House, Duk Bungalow, Hotel Moonlight, Hotel Sangchia, Hotel Embassy, and
Hotel Raj Internationals are some of the noteworthy hotels in Aijal.
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