Nagaland - Dimapur


Dimapur is situated at a distance of 74 km from the capital of the state, Kohima, on NH-39. This is the only city in Nagaland which is located on the plains, only at an elevation of 195 meters. The geographical location of the city has helped the metropolis to become the business hub of Nagaland. A number of people from different parts of India come here and are responsible for the singular and unique city mores. The Bengali culture is very prominent in the city life. The one and only airport of Nagaland is located in Dimapur as well.

Hire a taxi and travel in and around the city to see the sought after destinations. The whole tour can be completed on the same day. Few neighboring historical commemoratives are also worth watching. Don’t forget to witness the ruins of the palace of Kachari kings. Take a walk on the banks of the River Dhansiri. The city looks greener around the tea gardens, located at a distance of 5 km from the city.

Buy something as momento of Dimapur from New market and Naga Emporium.

Intaki Wildlife Sactuary, about 37 km away from Dimapur, is well known in the proximity for its prolonged terrain which is still reserving the rare baboons and Gibbons. Apart from the exclusive inhabitants like baboons and gibbons, tigers, elephants, Methuen, beer, and woodpeckers are the other denizens of the sanctuary. The sanctuary will not disappoint bird watchers also. The assortment of indigenous and wandering birds will encourage bird lovers to visit the sanctuary.

At an elevation of 3043 meters, situated 15 km towards the southern side of the sanctuary, the Jopfu peak is another coveted spot nearby.

Dimapur, about 1248 km from Kolkata, is well connected to Kolkata by railways. Numbers of available trains are not satisfactory though. Dimapur can be accessed by road as well from Imphal and other cities of Assam.

A lot of hotels are there in Dimapur for a night stay. Hotel Tragopan, Hotel Sarmoti, Hotel Fira, Hotel Fantsy, Hotel Galaxy and Crown Hotel are few of them. Refer to our hotel booking links below.

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