The attraction of Puri beach, Orissa is paramount.  The east coast of Orissa is well protected and delimited by the never ending Ocean, Bay of Bengal. The heavenly sea beach of Orissa starts from Talsheri, the nearby spot of Digha, West Bengal and the prolonged beach is spreading over a rambling topography of 482 km.  The wall of Purbaghat mountain range is shielding Orissa in its western corridor. The charming Mahanadi and Brahmani Rivers are the sustenance of the state. Congested localities located at both the banks of the rivers are exhibiting the significance of these Rivers. The swanky state is affluent in natural resources and wealth. The wealth offered by the nature are sprinkled over 3000 square km of lands around the north-west of Bhubaneswar. Koraput is the richest for the availability of raw materials. The state is also very rich in minerals. Coal, Bauxite, Iron ore, Manganese, Graphite and Mica are the dotted natural resources which are dispersed all over Orissa. Development of the social and economic structure of the society is taking place in a brisk pace. A number of big bannered companies are starting their new business ventures in Orissa and the Government is also quite actively participating in the development of the state. Fascinating woodlands and denizens in the woods provide evidence of the existing biodiversity of the state. Nutmeg and cashew nuts are being imported all over the world. “Land for all regions” is a perfectly and aptly stated phrase for the state.

Besides the rosy side of the province, the bad aspect of the state is its economical state. A large number of habitants of Orissa are belonging to the state of underprivileged. Hirakud Dam on the Mahanadi River has definitely decreased the quandary of Orissa but flood, Tornado and other natural calamities have always been a problem for the state.

Witness the fabulous festivals and cultures of the tribes of Orissa. 23% populations of the state are tribal inhabitants. Tribes wear their national dresses and unique ornaments when they celebrate their festivals. 62 tribal communities are present in Orissa. Most of the tribes are living mainly in the rugged surfaces of Orissa which are located in the dark and intense shades of soaring shaal forests. 6000 naked Bondas are the habitants of Bonda pahar or Bonda Hilla, Koraput. Bald Bondas like to embellish themselves with lot of ornaments. But Khondo tribes are present in larger numbers. Their mother tongue is Kavi. They used to believe in human sacrifices in yester years but now the ritual has been changed and animal sacrifices have become a common norm. Saontal tribes are living around the plateau of Simlipal which is engrossed with gripping forest lands. Simple Saontal crowd like to celebrate and live their lives blissfully. Singing and playing music are quite familiar. Another tribal community called Saoras is staying around the Ganjam, Kandhamal and Koraput district. Because of the earnest efforts of the Government and contiguous NGOs, slowly but surely the backward communities have started enjoying the city life. Tough roads and communication problems are severe in many areas of Orissa but interested and ardent nature lovers can visit the lands of the tribes for the captivating natural environs.

A Lake, located in the southern tip of Koraput is more than 3000 million years old.
Ganjam, the place set in the middle of the soaring mountains and spellbinding woodlands, is a coveted destination for the holiday makers. Rich cultures and literatures of the state have attracted numerous people from all over the world. The mesmeric and diversified Orissa dance forms will entertain tourists for many more years. Chou dance is world famous. Carnivals observed throughout the whole year entice many. Watch the purest forms of the celebrations of Holi, Diwali and Dassara. Huge numbers of people gather in Orissa for observing various other festivals as well. The brightness and spirituality of Rath Yatra, celebrated during July- August, are mind blowing and it is a trademark fiesta of Puri, Orissa. A special swank can be seen on the fine arts of the temples of Orissa. The elegant work and ornamentations on the walls of the temples are done on the carved rocks.  Lingaraj temple in Bhubaneswar, Jagannath temple in Puri and Surya temple in Konark are the imperative attractions for the religious throng.

Simlipal is a must visit place for the people who enjoy the view of the ambling denizens in the hypnotic woods. The forests of Mangrove trees, situated in Bhitorkanika, will offer you a variety of plants in its long-drawn-out territory.  
Orissa is also well known in the vicinity for its remarkable handicrafts. Fine arts on soft stones and sand stones, colorful sarees, woven textiles of Sambalpur, and various works using gold and silver show the proficiency and dexterousness of the artists. Orissa Government Emporium is the best place where from you can buy various items of Orissa.

The temples of Orissa depict the Buddhist architectural grace and modishness. The statements of the king Ashoka are engraved on a stone at Dhouli hills, about 8 km away from Bhubaneswar. Another rock of the same kind is located in Jougode. Buddha sculptures have been found out in 20 different areas of Orissa. Lolitgiri, Udaigiri and Ratnagiri are well known for the temples which are built in the darkness of the caves. Ample of ancient temples of Orissa still depict the earlier glory days of Orissa.    

Once upon a time Orissa was a very important business hub of India. The sea port of Orissa was the starting point of many ships which were going to several places of the world. The ship like structure of the Jagannath temple and the architecture of Brahmeshwar temple of Bhubaneswar exhibit the rich business cultures of Orissa. The impressive structure of the temple of Borobudur also shows a ship.

On 1st of April every year, the birth day of Orissa is celebrated as Orissa day. Rourkella steel plant, Hirakud dam project and Paradweep port are the important places of Orissa. The farmlands of Orissa are blessed with the water of Brahmani and Mahanadi Rivers. Orissa is encircled by Bay of Bengal in east, West Bengal and Bihar in north, Chattishgarh in west and Andhra Pradesh in south. 
Some people of Orissa are demanding for a new state with the undeveloped districts like Bolangi, Sambalpur, Bargarh, Sundargarh and Debgarh. 

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