Orissa : Berhampur, Chandragiri, Taptapani, Ganjam and Mahendragiri


Ganjam, a historical spot, is situated at a distance of 35 km towards the eastern side of the violent and uncultivated Brahmaputra River. “All men are my children” is engraved on the granite rocks and many more sculptures belonging to the dynasty of the king Ashoka are dotted around the Malati hills, Jougade, Ganjam.  Buddha architectural panache on various edifices, located in Buddhakhol, about 2 km away from Ganjam, are eye catching. Jougarh, one of the sought after Buddha pilgrimage spots, can be accessed by road from nearby Brahmapur and Purushattampur.  Hindu pilgrims gather in holy Gupteshwar temple, about 7 km from Ganjam, to feel the divinity. Adjoining Kanakdurga and Shiva temples are the additional attractions for the crowd who come to Gupteshwar temple. Take a walk higher up to Gupteshwar, lies at a distance of 2 km from Gupteshwar. Pilgrims can enjoy both the mysticism and the natural loveliness in Taratarini temple which is located at a distance of 47 km from Jougarh. The rippling streams of Hrishikulya River downside fascinate the nature lovers. Cross 999 stair steps to visit the temple or else elder people who are not willing to walk can also hire a car to the holy temple. To enjoy the bird’s eye view of the nature you can ride on a ropeway car as well.
Interested pilgrims can stay at Panthasala, built by

Brahmapur: Ganjam district is blessed by the nature. The wonderful natural locale is attracting tourists here from long back. The word Ganjam means the world of grains, the land was very rich in grains earlier. The land offers tourists a benediction amidst wonderful natural locus. Prolonged ocean, soaring mountains and quiet blue water Lake Chilka are the pleasing creations of the all mighty. Brahmapur is the district head quarter of Ganjam. Tourist attraction is not that evident but the place was popularly known as a business hub. Slithery silks and majestic handicrafts are special items in Brahmapur. Brahmapur also houses a number of sanctified temples like Thakurani, Jagannath and Shiva. Rare and atypical items are maintained in the adjoining museum.
The city bus stand was located at a distance of 3 km from the railway station of Brahmapur or Berhampur. Brahmapur is connected to Kolkata, puri, Bhubameshwar and many other cities by road.

Mahendragiri hills: The road to Mahendragiri hills offers rich forest lands, and towering hills. The twisting roads and fine looking Gerua River in the middle of lash green lands will accompany you throughout the journey to Mahendragiri hills, the hillock of Purbaghat range. The lingering greeneries all around will definitely enthrall nature lovers.
The 47 km long road to the elevated Mahendragiri hills (1500 meters) will amuse enthusiastic trekkers. The spot, lies in the lap of the captivating nature, was famous for its Kalinga cultural flair. The animated clouds, atop the hills, will touch you gaily. Hilly mounts are sprinkled all around the place. The panoramic ocean, situated at a distance of 20 km, looks remarkable from the hilltop. The hills are rich in minerals, Mica, Kondalite, Charnokite, and other natural resources are easily available in the Purbaghat range of hills. The temples of Yudisthir, Bhima, and Kunti are garnished by granite stones. You can watch the vista of the Mahendra Tanaya River downside sitting on any of the five steps of the sacred Gokorneshwar, the biggest temple of Orissa. But the saddest part of the destination is that the place is in unrest due to some anti social activities around.

The hilly land doesn’t have any hotels where you can stay at but nature lovers who want to stay there to enjoy the nature more closely can stay at the Parlehkmundi Bungalow.

Taptapani: Taptapani or the hot spring, about 50 km towards the west of Brahmapur, is located on top of the acclivity. Due to the presence of sulfur in the spring water, it has a healing effect on the skin diseases. The holy temple of Kandi deity is located adjacent to the chief hot spring. The spot is surrounded by gripping greeneries and towering hills. A deer park is also there in the lower elevation for the tourists. A very old holy Shiva temple is also located near to the hot spring. Even though markets and good shops are unavailable in the adjoining places but small tea shops around are will let you savor the local tea..

At an elevation of 500 meters, the Panthanivas, in the middle of the engrossing woods of shaal trees, is a place where nature lovers can stay at. 

Long distance buses which start their journey from Brahmapur are touching the hot spring on their way. Jeep and taxis are also running regularly to the hot spring from Gopalpur.

Chandragiri: Chandragiri, the well known destination for the nature lovers, is located at a distance of 35 km towards the west of the hot spring. The mesmerizing wonder of the place is spreading over the sprawling woodlands of soaring shaal and mahua trees. The sight of the sunrise from Chandragiri will amuse anyone. Birds sit in their nests and chirp in a concert.

Tibetan communities are the natural habitants who are living around the area of 8 km of Chandragiri. 500 Tibetan families are breathing here. Well decorated Tibetan monasteries house Tibetan deities. Tibetan cultures are reflected on the carpets and different handicraft items. You can buy some of them to recall the trip in future.
Tibetan Guest House is also there for the tourists who want to stay overnight.

Zirang Kulen monastery, about 7 km from Chandragiri, inaugurated by Dalai Lama in 2010, is the newest attraction. Adjoining Ripa Guest House is the only option for the tourists where they can stay at.

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