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The coastal hamlet, Chandipur, secluded and hidden in the woods of Keya, Cashew nuts and Eucalyptus, is a majestic place for a weekend trip. The quiet and tranquil beach with soft sands looks amazing for its eye soothing natural locus. The neighboring ocean is quite peaceful and unruffled if you compare it with that of Puri. Tourists can drive on the beach if they are lucky enough and that is one of the prime enticements for the tourists as well. One of the fascinating experiences is to watch the waves recede away from the shore line. After a while you will also see the waves coming back and touching your feet. This is going to be an unmatched experience for the tourists. You can also walk on the beach for hours and nature lovers will not find that boring. Take a small boat and go for a wild trip to play with the waves of the ocean. Interested holiday makers can engage themselves in collecting red crabs dotted on the beach with proper precautions. The beach looks really mesmerizing when the light of the moon hugs the quiet sea beach. The captivating vista of sunrise will also not let you down. Interested and ardent tourists can take a walk to the meeting place of the sea and the meandering Budhibalam River to enjoy the pleasing nature.    
Chandipur missile launching centre has been in news many times in the past. Take a glimpse at the missile launching centre of Chandipur.

Balasore: Balasore was one of the biggest business hubs of Orissa previously. A number of industries were also there earlier. This is a place which has witnessed the freedom fight very closely. A memorial to commemorate these freedom fighters is still recalling the old era. The jail where a large number of freedom fighters were confined is only kept open on 10th September every year for the tourists. Tourists who want to watch the battle ground can visit Chashakhanda, about 10 km away from Balasore. An idol was also built to commemorate the great freedom fighter, Bagha Jatin, located at a distance of 3 km towards the north of Chashakhanda.

Remuna, about 6 km from Balasore, is a famous destination for the spiritual people. The shrine of Khirachora Gopinath, is attracting the believers of Vaishnavite culture for centuries. Khira (a special milk preparation) is the most delicious offering of the temple and it is also believed that the deity likes to eat Khira by the spoon, made up of the Pipul leaves. The very old Pipul tree is still standing tall in the vicinity. The temple of Remuna is 150 years old. The walls of the temple are well garnished with the tales of Krishna. Enthusiasts should watch the ruins of the adjoining palace.
Hire a rickshaw or auto to visit Remuna.
Tourists can stay at Yatrinivas, built by the temple authority.
Twelve and half feet tall Bhubaneshwar lingam, built with the granite stones, is an attractive destination which can be accessed by crossing Subarnarekha River. The temple can also be accessed from Jaleshwar.
Hotel Droupadi, Hotel D K, Hotel Klinga, Hotel Panchajanya, Moti Lodge, Hotel Alakapuri, Hotel Maharaja and Panthanivas are places in Balasore where tourists can stay at. Check our hotel booking links below for photos, rates, options and online bookings.

Panchalingeshwar: The wonderful manor located at the foothills of Nilgriri hills, is an eye catching destination for the tourists who search for the serenity. Wild elephants and boars stroll in and around the gripping green lands.
Witness the spirituality of the places around the throne of the deity, climbing 256 stair ways, about two and half km away from Panthasala. But there is no temple. The place looks riveting with the rippling hilly streams hitting the undulating land. Five Shiva lingams are residing on the hills in a small cave.
Stay at Panchalingeshwar panthasala to enjoy the beautiful nature around. Place an order early to get the foods.
Jagannath Temple and the ruins of the ancient palace, at the foothills of Nilgiri, are the other sought after destinations for the tourists.
Chandbali, located at a distance of 120 km from towards the south of balasore, was a very old port city. It is also famous for the depiction of Buddhist cultures on the ancient Buddha and Jain temple. Matrika idol of 10th century is also very attractive.
It is not a bad idea to complete the trip of Panchalingeshwar on the same day. Start your journey from Balasore and come back on the same day to Balasore. Conducted tours are also organized to Panchalingeshwar from Balasore and Chandipur. Seasonal tourists can also hire a car to Panchalingeshwar from Chandipur.

Kuldiha Sanctuary: Kuldiha sanctuary, about 18 km from Panchalingeshwar, situated at an elevation of 91 meters, is a well stretched sanctuary which covers a sprawling area of 282 square km. The place is set in the forest of shaal, piyasal, sishu, mahanim, mango, bahera and simul trees. Ambling elephants, wild cats, monkeys, and variety of birds are the diversified denizens present on the lap of the nature. The stream of the River amidst the astonishing forest is breaking the silence of the valley. A watch tower at Garhsimuliya, about 5 km from the entrance of the sanctuary, offers a panoramic view of the nature. Trekking lovers can enjoy the riveting deep woodlands and thrilling nature closely along with a guide. Elephanta sanctuary is a new addition to the map of tourist’s destinations in Kuldiha.
The Forest Bungalow with 2 rooms, located at a distance of 9 km inside the deep forest from the main entrance of the sanctuary, is the only available option for the tourists who want to stay overnight at Kuldiha.

Debkunda: Debkunda, located at a distance of 69 km from Kuldiha, is an absorbing tourist destination hidden in the deep and dark forests. Hills all around the place look like soaring walls protecting the place. 5 water streams are coming down from 50 feet high hills and are forming kundas. The place is aptly named as the “place of five lakes”. Climb higher up to the 50 feet heigh Durga temple crossing the stair ways. Various indigenous and migratory birds along with the colorful butterflies flutter in and around the woodlands. But because of the tough road to Debkunda it is still inaccessible to a large batch of tourists.
Hotel Madhu Magna and Hotel Saramani are the two available options where holiday makers can stay at. One can also cover it from Chandipur.

How to reach: Chandipur, about 232 km away from Howrah railway station, Kolkata, can be accessed from Balasore railway station by road. Balasore is well connected to Kolkata by railways. A number of trains are available to Balasore from Kolkata. It is a short road trip to Chandipur from Balasore.

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