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Cuttack city, the head quarter of Cuttack district, was the capital of Orissa previously. The city is encircled with the River Mahanadi in the north and Kathjuri River in the south. Three of its sides are well shielded by these rivers. The city looks like an Island nestled in the water of Mahanadi and its tributary, Kathjuri River. The dam, built by the kings of Abinashwar dynasty in 11th century, was one of the marvelous and artistic creations of that time. The dam, built by placing granite stones, is protecting the city. But due to its geographical location and careless human behavior, the city has faced a lot of problems in yester years. Another important root of the problem is its congestion.

Barbati fort, built with granite stones on the northern banks of Mahanadi, is surrounded by a deep water body and tall wall. The nine storied palace, built by the Hindu king Harichandan, is one of the prime enticements of the fort.  Tourists can watch the reminiscences of various parts like singadarwaja, surrounding water body and Jagannath temple of the rich palace. The Barbati stadium, built at the opposite side of the palace, is covering a straggling area of 25 acres. The scenic beauty around is delightful. Take a walk to the contiguous Cuttack Chandi temple to feel the theology on the temple premise.

Kapaleshwar fort in Chouddar village, about 5 km from the city, is another attractive edifice in the vicinity. Chorganga, a pond, excavated inside the palace is one of the chief attractions of the fort. Paramahangso Shiva temple, built at the end way of the city, is a must visit temple for the temple lovers. A number of mythological tales are associated with the holy water of the adjoining deep well.

The central attraction of Cuttack is Ravenash Collegiate School. The great freedom fighter, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, had spent his childhood school days in this school. Janakinath Bhaban, the residence of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose has now become a national collection centre which is preserving numerous rare and atypical assortments of items.

Spend 1 rupee and get to see various used items of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Kadam-i-Rasul houses 3 mosques which are excellent with their architectural panache. These mosques are well protected with towering wall. The footprint of Mahammad is brought recently from the holy Makka and is kept on a spherical rock plate. Thermal station, paper factory, Kanishka Refrigerator Corporation, cold storage plant, glass factory and clothes, national grain research centre, and Gopbandhu Park are the other imperative attractions of Cuttack.

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