Orissa : Daringbari and Kunaria


Kandhamal was a place where Kandha (naked) tribes used to live at. Phulbani or Fulbani, about 141 km from Berhampur, is the district head quarter of Kandhamal. The most important astonishment of the place is its tribal cultures. You can see tribal people strolling here and there wearing their traditional attires. A renowned temple of tribal deity is located at a distance of 15 km from Fhulbani. Enthusiasts can walk down to Pillasalki irrigation project, about 3 km from Fhulbai. The dam here has created a Lake which is covering an area of 455 hectors. The Lake acts as a water reservoir and supplies water to the farmlands.

The riveting Pakrajhor water fall, about 35 km from the city, amidst the dark and deep forests is another place of interest. The environment looks magnificent with the surrounding hills. Carry light woolen clothes along with you.
Belghar, situated at an altitude of 2200 meters, is covered with rich woods of Shaal and piyashal. The sun plays hide and seek here. Tribes are sprinkled around the lash green forests. With the help of the Government and missionaries, these tribes have started enjoying the modern amenities. A number of elephants also amble in and around the woods.
Forest Rest House is the only available option where tourists can stay overnight.

Daringbari: Daringbari, located in the shades of Pine trees, is popularly known as Kashmir of Orissa. Situated at an altitude of 1000 meters, Daringbari, used to cover its lands up with white ice earlier. The tranquil spot, encircled with the dotted hills, is a valley where the singing birds come out early in the morning from their nests to awake the holiday makers. Orchards of black pepper and coffee around the plateau offer another façade of the generous nature. The ethnic customs of the tribes act as another enticement of the adjoining places. Christian communities are the main dwellers of Daringbari. The hypnotic vista around the valley of Daringbari can be watched from its very own hill view point. Count this place as a summer resort.
There are not very many places to stay, as it is generally covered from Phulbani. You can check http://www.orissatourism.gov.in/new/booking.asp though.

Kunaria: On the congregating place of the Rivers Kunaria and Kharkhar, located at a distance of 130 km from Bhubaneshwar, a 1575 meters long barrage has created a water reservoir which is the main sustenance of the neighboring places. The destination is enclosed with the undulating hills all around. Different tribes are the natural indwellers living in the shades of the remarkable and well stretched woodlands of soaring shaal and segun trees. Enjoy the pleasing wilderness of the indigenous and migratory birds in the winters.
Bungalow of irrigation department and forest bungalow are two options where tourists can stay for a night.
Nayagarh, about 34 km away from Kunaria towards Bhubaneshwar, is a town where a number of temples like Ladubaba, Jhareshwar, Raghunath Jew and Nilmadhab of Kantinlo depict the very old cultures and customs on their architectures. The Budabudiani dam, about 17 km from the city towards the Ladubaba temple, is another appealing destination for ardent tourists.
Hotel Trinath and Ashutosh Lodge are available hotels in Nayagarh for staying overnight.
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