Orissa : Dhabaleshwar, Dhenkanal, Kapilas, Joranda


Dhabaleshwar: Dhabaleshwar, located on the serene bank of Mahanadi River, is a heavenly place for the holiday makers who search for quietness and solace. Stand on the bridge on the river to watch the remarkable sight of the River and its banks. You can also hire a yacht to enjoy the scenic beauty around while crossing the River. A narrow staircase will take you to the temple, located on the banks of the River Mahanadi.

Dhabaleshwar was a well known pilgrimage spot for the Vaishnavites (a sect of Hindu community) earlier. It is believed that the deity Shiva is residing here in Dhabaleshwar. The rock in Mahakal temple is worshipped as Shiva deity. A five day long fair is organized in Dhabaleshwar during the month of Karthik, a month of Bengali calendar year. The deity Vishnu is also residing in the holy temple along with Shiva.

Mancheshwar, about 27 km away from Palamandap
bus stand of cuttack, can be accessed by road. Take a walk to the bank
of the Mahanadi River from Mancheshwar, about half km away from
Mancheshwar and cross the River to visit Dhabaleshwar.

Panthasala of Orissa Tourism is the only option available for the tourists where they can stay overnight at.

Dhenkanal: Dhenkanal, the district head quarter, houses Balaram, Raghunath, Kunjakanta, Sambugopal and many more ancient historical temples. Atop the small tila, the amazing Science Park and captivating palace of the king are located. A 7 days long puja of Gaja Lakhsmi on the auspicious occasion of Kojagari Purnima is an imperative attraction of Dhenkanal.
Dhenkanal can be accessed directly from Mukteshwar and Cuttack by road.

Where to Stay: Hotel Surya, Hotel Shreekrishna, Hotel Biswanath, Hotel Chandra Sekhar and Hotel Sakuntala are the available hotels in Dhenkanal where tourist can stay for a night.
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Kapilas: Kapilas, located at the foothills with its evergreen scenic wonder, is considered as one of the attractive health resorts. Take a walk to the Kapilas temple and on the way you will get to see the zoo, Gharial preserving project, a lake and science park. Tourist can also enjoy boating on the Lake. A number of scientific models are maintained in the Science Park. Enjoy the wilderness of the birds in the lash green woods.

Savor the taste of Chanapoda in Deogan, about one and half km away from Kapilas.

Hire a jeep for 200 to 300 rupees to visit Kailash pahar or Kailash hill (475 meters), situated at a distance of 5 km from Kapilas. Trekking lovers would enjoy the journey to Kailash pahar, crossing 1452 stair steps. Colorful butterflies will fly alongside. Blooming wild flowers in and around the valley are worth watching as well. Rippling water streams create a wet way. The water of the adjoining hot spring has a medicinal power.

The Shiva temple in Kapilas, depicts the architectural excellences of the Odyssey cultures. Apart from the deity Shiva, a lot of deities are there hidden in the dotted rocks of the hills. The fair, on the occasion of Shiva ratri (night) attracts a lot of people. Biswanath, Vishnu and Bhubaneshwari are the deities residing at a height of 200 feet from the Shiva temple. A holy cave is located at the top most mount of the Kapilas. Take a look at the panoramic Kapilas standing at the peak of the hill. Tourism business here is getting profitable day by day due to some proper initiatives of the Government.

Kapilas road junction is connected to Kolkata by railways.

Tourist can stay at Panthasala, located on the way to the temple from the Kapilas bus stand.

Joranda: Koupin DHari Mahima Samaj Mahima Gadi is there in Joranda. There is no idol here though. Dhuni temple, Niti temple, Gadi temple, Bati and Jyoty temple are built in a big ground of Joranda.
The place has not come up with any hotels or guest houses yet. But it can be accessed from Cuttack or Bhubaneshwar. Cuttack is at a distance of 23.4 kilometres. While Bhubaneshwar, which has an airport, is at a distance of 61 kilometres.

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