Orissa: Jajpur


Jajpur: Jajpur, a Hindu pilgrimage spot, is one of the 51 shakti pithas of Hidu community. The town is popular for the presence of various temples. The main and most important temple among those temples is the temple of the deity Birja. The deity is residing on a throne which is embellished with a number of ornaments. During the Durga and Kali puja, (worship) a very famous festival is observed here. Rath Yatra is also celebrated during Durga puja. The adjoining places of Brahmakunda, located adjacent to the Birja temple, are holy destinations for the Hindu pilgrims. A spot called Banchabat is a sanctified place which fulfills the desires of the devotees.  A number of Shiva lingams are dotted in the places of Jajpur. But most of them are not worshipped. It is believed that the color of the Agnishwar Shiva changes in every hour.

Jagannath temple is located on the banks of Baitarani River. Apart from the Nilmadhab, all the other deities that are worshipped in Puri also exist in Jajpur. Ganapati temple, on the banks of the Baitarani River, is another temple for the temple lovers. A huge idol of red color is built in the temple. A small but beautiful idol of Ravan is also engraved on the wall of the temple.

Tourists should also take a look at the adjoining Matrika temple. Saptamatrika is worshipped in the simple and narrow structured temple. Besides Saptamatrika (Chamunda, Barahi, Oindri, Baishnabi, Brahmani, Koumari, Maheshwar) another idol of Narasingha is also worshipped and admired here with a lot of respect.

According to a Hindu ritual, people come to recall their deceased ancestors here in the Island shaped land, Jajpur which is located on the banks of Baitarani River. The memories of Sri Chaitanya are associated with the Sri Chaitanya Padapith temple. Vishnu temple, Nabagraha temple, Baruneshwar temple and Sidheshwar temples are the chief attractions of Jajpur. Subhastambha formed with an uncut stone is impressive. Tilebhandeshwar is a Shiva lingam which can be seen on the premise of Trilochoneshwar Shiva temple. Shiva parbati idols are also there in the Trilochoneshwar Shiva temple. Gaze at the Kali idol in Dakshinakali temple, built adjacent to the Trilochoneshwar temple. Hire a car to complete the tour of Jajpur in few hours.

How to reach: Jajpur, about 337 km away from Kolkata, can be reached from Kolkata by any of the trains to Bhubaneshwar. Then avail a bus to access the Jajpur town from the railway station. Jajpur is also well connected to Kolkata by road. It can be reached from Bhubaneshwar as well.

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