Orissa : The Wonder Triangle of Lalitgiri, Udaigiri, Ratnagiri


The wonder triangle: The wonder triangle- Lalitgiri, Udaigiri, Ratnagiri, are the pilgrimage spots for the Buddhists. All of these holy destinations are situated on the oldest valley of the world, Birupa- Chitrotpola. The natural beauty of Udaigiri and the architectural excellences on the buildings of Lalitgiri and Ratnagiri attract tourists from faraway places. Birupa, the River with its transparent water is creating a natural border between Udaigiri and Lalitgiri. Another place which fascinates tourists is Pushpagiri. Pushpagiri is covering an area of 104 acres. More than 50 caves are located in Pushpagiri.

Lalitgiri: Excavation in Lalitgiri has revealed the richness of the place. Besides gold and silver ornaments a lot of historical items were found out in the huge palace, Chandraditya Vihar. The architectural flair of the palace will entertain the tourists. A number of scriptures proved that the place was very affluent with its cultures and education. The ruins of temple, 4 Vihars, and a huge shrine are the imperative attractions of Lalitgiri. A gigantic Buddha idol, Pragyaparamita, Tara, Abalokiteshwar, and Basudhara are some of the important idols uphold the Buddha customs. A museum containing the ancient sculptures and items was built in 1990. The fine arts of Lalitgiri depict the architectural grandeur of Gandhar and Mathura. Mausoleum of Arkhit Das, Gumpha, guest house, and the ashram can also be seen. A fair organized in Olasuni hills attracts Buddha pilgrims and tourists in Lalitgiri.

: Tantric Buddha devotees find this place very interesting. Devotees and tourists enjoy the pleasing environment around the banks of the River Kimiria which is acting as a blockade between the territories of Udaigiri and Ratnagiri. The largest and foremost Buddha pilgrimage spot is Udaigiri. Buddhists think that the 3 meters tall idol of Mukteshwar Buddha, having a lotus in his hand, is lucky for them and pilgrims gather here to watch and feel the divinity of the places around. Excavation has confirmed the existence of a scripture of 8th century. Tourist can recall the flair of the singular architecture in the replica which is dedicatedly maintained for the tourists. A well of 2000 years is showing the rich and old cultural finery. Local people still drink the water of this well. Arguably, the water of the well has a medicinal power also. 

Ratnagiri: About 10 km away from Udaigiri, the historical destination, Ratnagiri is situated on the gratifying banks of Keluya River. A wonderful shrine, placed adjacent to the village, on the hilltop, was discovered after the excavation of 1970. Two monasteries with marvelous aesthetics, 8 temples, the residence of Buddha saints, and a number of small shrines are the other sought after destinations for the tourists. The largest monastery, covering 55 square meter of land, is standing on 60 pillars. The door is well decorated with the bluish chlorite stones. Ancient Buddha deities are engraved on the walls of the monastery. A lot of idols built with bronze and stones are also dotted in the monastery. A rare but huge Buddha idol, placed on the top of the hill, also entice Buddha pilgrims. Another Buddha temple is built with granite stones and is creating a holy atmosphere in the second monastery.

A Temple for the Hindus is also located adjacent to the monastery. Ratnagiri was one of the most important Buddha pilgrimage spot which had enticed numerous devotees even from faraway places. According to the Chinese traveler, Hew-en-sang, the well known Pushpagiri university of Ratnagiri was one of the advanced education provider in India.
The pond, Rani pukhuri, is located at the northern side of the palace. An adjoining museum will show you different archeological sculptures which recall the old glory days of Ratnagiri. An impressive sacred Hindu temple is there on the premise of the Ratnagiri palace. Excavation is revealing various undiscovered sculptures and shrines with majestic fine arts.
Enthusiastic temple lovers can visit Mahabinayak temple and Jagannath temple of Chattia in this trip.

How to Visit: Prudent option is to book a car for the trip to Udaigiri, Ratnagiri and Lalitgiri from Bhubaneshwar or from Cuttack. But tourists can also avail bus from Cuttack to Udaigiri, Ratnagiri and Lalitgiri. Udaigiri is located on Cuttack-Ratnagiri road. But due to the dearth of connecting buses Lalitgiri can be accessed from Cuttack separately. 

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